California’s Medicare supplemental insurance “Birthday Rule” allows Medigap members to switch to an equal or lessor-benefit Medigap plan on their birthday. In the past, you had 30 days from your birthday to switch plans without health review using the Birthday Rule. While this blog focuses on CA, now Illinois, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Oregon all have birthday rules. To learn about your switching options visit our Senior65 Ultimate Medicare Switching Guide.

Thanks to California Senate Bill 407, CA residents now have 60 days after their birthday to switch. Members who take advantage of this new switching law cannot be turned down for the new plan because of a pre-existing condition.

The new law, which took effect on July 1st, 2020, made two changes to the CA Birthday Rule.

1) You now have 60 days from your birthday to switch

2) A standard Medigap plan and an Innovative plan are considered equal in benefits.

This means if you have a standard F, you can switch to Innovative F or F extra during the California Birthday Rule without review. 

How to Exercise the Birthday Rule

To take advantage of the birthday rule, you must:

  • Live in California
  • Have an active Medigap plan
  • Switch to a Medigap plan with same or lesser benefits
  • Apply before 60 days has passed from your birthday.
  • Call at 800-930-7956 to switch plans (this takes just a few minutes and there is never a cost for our services)

Why is the Birthday Rule Important?

In states without the Birthday rule, if your Medigap price dramatically increases, you would either have to pay the new higher price or apply for a new plan and risk being turned down for pre-existing conditions. In California, however, you can switch and you are guaranteed to be approved. This protects you and gives you options. Navigate the Medigap Birthday Rule Nationally with Our Ultimate Guide.

CA residents should always check out Medigap prices as their birthday approaches. The best way to get prices is to get an instant Medigap Quote here. If you find the same plan for less with a different provider or just want to get on a less expensive plan, we can help you switch. To learn more, call us or visit our Medigap Overview page.

Please Note: Switching using the Medigap Birthday Rule can also be done in Oregon. Contact us for more info.

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