Compare Innovative Plan F Extra: Anthem vs HealthNet vs Blue Shield

Medigap Innovative Plan F and Plan F Extra now cover vision and hearing benefits. Find out if they are for you.

by Lisandro Bustos+ on Nov 19, 2018 | 5 Comments

The 3 new Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans in California that now cover vision and hearing aids call for a well-rounded comparison from

Anthem Blue Cross Innovative F was the first plan to cover vision and hearing aids, being caught fast by the slightly different HealthNet’s Innovative Plan F. Blue Shield then offered its own version of this plan calling it Blue Shield Plan F Extra.

These plans have the same exact network of doctors and standard benefits of a traditional Plan F but also include the additional extra benefits outlined below.  Each plan is slightly different so it’s worth comparing them. Senior65 is appointed to sell all three of these plans at the guaranteed lowest price, so please contact us when you are ready to enroll.

Chart Comparison of all three plans

Benefits HealthNet
Innovative F
Anthem Blue-Cross
Innovative F
Blue Shield
F Extra
Standard Plan F Benefits Yes Yes Yes
Access to Medicare’s largest network of doctors Yes Yes Yes
Routine Eye Exam (every 12 months) You pay $10 You pay $25* You pay $20
Glass Frames (every 24 months) $250 Allowance $100 Allowance* $100 Allowance
Glass Lenses (every 12 months) $250 Allowance You pay $25* You pay $25
Contacts (every 12 months) $250 Allowance $100 Allowance* You pay $0
Hearing Exam (every 12 months) You pay $0 You pay $0 You pay $0
Hearing Aids $1000 Allowance (every three years) $750 Allowance (every 12 months) $499-$799 discount on Vista Models (every 12 months)
Other Benefits
Silver Sneakers No Yes Yes
New to Medicare Discount $20 $20 $25
Household Discount Yes 5% 7%
Autopay Discount Yes $2 $3
Learn more about HealthNet Innovative Plan F Learn more about Anthem Blue Cross Innovative Plan F Learn more about Blue Shield Plan F Extra
Quote and Apply Quote and Apply Quote and Apply

*Only Blue View Vision Access network

To sum it all up:

  • HealthNet’s Innovative F has the most generous initial hearing and vision benefits of the three plans but does not cover Silver Sneakers.

  • Anthem Blue Cross’ Innovative F has slightly less coverage in the vision and hearing department but has Silver Sneakers and a surprising hearing aid coverage every year.

  • Blue Shield’s F Extra also has a fine vision coverage and Silver Sneakers but only limits you to one company to choose from when it comes to Hearing Benefits.

Next Steps:

Now that you know the difference between the three enhanced F plans,  it’s time to get a quote and enroll.  You can get an Innovative Plan F extra quote here or you can call us and a Senior65 licensed agent can help you over the phone at no cost to you.
Anthem is also offering Innovative G in Nevada

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Reader Comments and Questions

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By Zach on June 30, 2019

Will the Innovative Plan F be available any time soon in New Jersey?

We have no news about it but it may be possible in the future. If Innovative F does become available, we will let you know asap.

Most of our clients in New Jersey consider Medigap Plan G. Give us a call if you want Plan G information in your county.
-Chris from

By Michael on May 30, 2019

Why does plan F extra have lower premiums in my county (Santa Clara) than plan F when it offers more benefits than plan F? is there a difference in benefits that is not apparent?

F Extra has the same exact network of doctors and standard benefits of a traditional Plan F but also includes hearing and vision benefits. There is no catch but since it is a new plan, Blue Shield is pricing it lower than traditional F to grow the plan's enrollment. Since you live in CA, you could always switch back to traditional F using the birthday rule should the plan go up in the future.

Give us a call and we can help you enroll in the plan over the phone.

We, at, are appointed with the top Medigap insurance providers and offer the guaranteed lowest price. You should think of us as a one stop shop and we charge you absolutely nothing for our services (the insurance companies give us a commission but it doesn't affect your premium.)
-Chris from

By Carol on March 30, 2019

Does the above Innovative F health plans only cover California residents or is it country wide?

Hi Carol,
Anthem Blue Cross Innovative F can also be found in Kentucky and Nevada, apart from California. Health Net Innovative F and Blue Shield F Extra are as of now only available in California.

No matter where you purchase an Innovative F you will have coverage nationwide as all plans tap into Medicare's national network of doctors and facilities.

If you wish to enroll in any of these plans, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Are services are free of charge.
-Michelle from

By Carol on March 30, 2019

I would like to know the monthly cost quote on each of the (3) plans in comparison. Also, is there any deductible charged yearly or for any particular medical services? Thanks you

Here you can get a quote for each of the plans detailed in the article. Most Medigap plan do not have a separate deductible except for High F and now High G.

Please give us a call to discuss your options or when you're ready to enroll. Our service is at no cost to you.
-Michelle from

By Tom on February 14, 2019

Can I automatically switch from Plan F to innovative F or do I have to go through health review?

Hello Tom,
To switch from Plan F to Innovative F you will typically need to go through medical underwriting.

-Chris from

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