Anthem Blue Cross Innovative Plan F Medigap

Anthem Blue Cross now offers Medigap plan F with vision and hearing benefits

by Senior 65+ on Oct 01, 2017 | 4 Comments

Anthem Blue Cross Innovative Medigap Plan F Overview

Innovative F Medigap is a new Medicare Supplement plan offered by Anthem Blue Cross in California and Nevada starting Jan 1, 2018.  It covers all the benefits offered by traditional Medigap plan F with the exact same network of doctors but now it includes new vision and hearing benefits.  The most noteworthy addition to innovative F is a $750 hearing aid benefit.

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Innovative F Vision Details

Anthem has added Vision using the Blue View Vision Access network. You may receive covered benefits outside of the Blue View Vision Access network but you may pay more.  Here is what is covered:

  • Routine Eye Exam (with dilation as needed) once every 12 months. You pay $25 for this benefit.
  • $100 Eyeglass Frames Allowance toward new frames once every 24 months. You pay any cost over $100.
  • Lenses: (once every 12 months). You pay a $25 copay.
  • $100 allowance for Contact Lenses (in place of eyeglass lenses) once every 12 months. You pay all costs over $100.

Innovative F Hearing Details

Offered through Anthem’s Hearing Care Solutions network of providers, this coverage provides an annual hearing exam and hearing aid(s). This includes a 60-day evaluation period for hearing aids.  Here is a snapshot of what is covered under hearing benefits:

  • Hearing Exam – Coverage for one routine hearing exam every 12 months.
  • $750 allowance towards Hearing Aids – Includes fitting evaluation for a hearing aid(s).

Innovative F Other benefits

  • Silver Sneakers Gym Program
  • Welcome to Medicare Discount
  • 24 Nurseline
  • Household discount for spouse/partner
  • Autopay discount
  • Optional Dental

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Innovative F Medigap Complete Benefit Details

Benefits Original Medicare Alone Original Medicare With Innovative Plan F
Doctor Network All Doctors that accept Medicare All Doctors that accept Medicare
Part A Hospital Benefit Period Deductible You pay $1,316* You pay $0
Hospital days 61-90 You pay $329 per day per day You pay $0
Hospital Days 91-150 You pay $658 per day per day (lifetime reserve days) You pay $0
Beyond Lifetime Reserve Days You pay 100% You pay $0 up to an additional 365 hospitalization days.
Skilled Nursing Facility Care Days 1-20 You pay $0 (Part A deductible applies)** You pay $0
Skilled Nursing Facility Care Days 21-100 You pay $164.50 per day You pay $0
Hospice Respite Care You pay 5% You pay $0
First 3 Pints of Blood You pay 100% You pay $0
Additional Blood You pay $0 You pay $0
Part B Annual Deductible You pay $183 You pay $0
Ambulance You pay 20% (Part B deductible applies) You pay $0
Doctor’s Office Copays/Coinsurance You pay 20% (Part B deductible applies) You pay $0
Durable Medical Equipment You pay 20% (Part B deductible applies) You pay $0
Part B Excess Charges You pay 100% (Part B deductible applies) You pay $0
Foreign Travel Emergency You pay 100% You pay 20%***
Out-Patient Surgery You pay 20% (Part B deductible applies) You pay $0
Urgent Care You pay 20% (Part B deductible applies) You pay $0
Routine Eye Exam You pay 100% You pay $25
Eyeglass Frames You pay 100% You GET $100 towards frames every 2 years
Contact Lenses You pay 100% You GET $100 towards lenses
Yearly Hearing Exam You pay 100% You pay $0
Hearing Aids and fitting You pay 100% You GET $750

Next Steps for Anthem Blue Cross Innovative F Medigap

Get quote: To see innovative plan F pricing you must select 1/1/2018 or later as your requested effective date. Click here for you Anthem Blue Cross Innovative F quote

The fine print of the Innovative Medigap Plan F Chart Above

*Medicare Part A deductible is broken down into 60 day benefit periods. You have to pay the deductible if you reenter the hospital after 60 days from discharge. Example: If you enter the hospital March 1st you’ll pay the Part A deductible. If you leave the hospital 5 days later and return to the hospital on July 6th, you will be charged the Part A hospitalization benefit again.
**For Skilled Nursing you must have a 3-day qualifying stay in the hospital to qualify for Skilled Nursing Facility care AND you’ll still pay the benefit period Part A deductible ($1,316).
***Foreign Travel Emergency requires a deductible of $250. You will have to have your emergency within the first 60 days of travel, and the plan has a lifetime coverage amount of $50,000.
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Reader Comments and Questions

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By Ralph on October 18, 2017

I was told by a Anthem agent that Dental was included in the new "Innovative plan F"

According to Anthem's summary of benefits, Innovative F includes Vision and Hearing benefits. Dental benefits are optional. Click here to see exactly what is covered and get optional dental pricing. After you click on that link, you first have to hit "get a quote" before you can get to the plan details and optional pricing.
-Michelle from

By william on October 17, 2017

Does Anthem Blue Cross Innovative Medigap Plan F also offer silver sneakers?

Yes, The innovative F does cover silver sneakers. Since it is so new, you may not see it on our quoting engine. Call us for pricing and to enroll.
-Michelle from

By Lynda on October 11, 2017

Is this a regular F plan medigap with added riders for preventive dental, vision and hearing benefits? Would someone who chose to switch policies/plans during their birthday month, where in CA they have Guaranteed Rights, have the choice of ANY F or only Innovative F without underwriting??? And is that in the contract? I saw that Oregon doesn't allow someone with Innovative F to switch to an F without underwriting. Not sure why but I read that. Thank you.

Great questions! Unfortunately we do not have the answers right now because innovative F is so new. We will contact anthem to see if they can answer those questions.
-Chris from

By Martin Lo on October 06, 2017

I thought every plan F was the same? How can Blue Cross they offer extra benefits like hearing and vision?

Martin, While in the past Medigap plans were able to add gym memberships like silver sneakers, this is the first plan that we know of that offers Hearing Aids and Vision. With all the calls about hearing aid benefits, it should be very popular.
-Chris from

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