Anthem Blue Cross Innovative Plan F Medigap

Anthem Blue Cross Innovative Medigap Plan F is the first Medigap plan available in California and Nevada that offers bundled vision and hearing aid benefits

How does California’s Medigap Birthday Rule work?

California's Medicare Supplemental Insurance law (AKA "Birthday Rule") allows Medigap members to switch to a different insurance plan or provider during the 30 days following the members month of birth. To take advantage of this rule, you must:

Anthem CA Medigap Welcome to Medicare Discount

Anthem Blue Cross of California is offering a 12 month "new to Medicare" premium discount. You must meet a few qualifications...

Can’t afford Medigap Plan F? Think Again

While Medigap Plan F can be expensive, no one really explains how much it could save you...until now. We have broken down as many cost as possible that a senior with Plan F could save over one with original medicare. The results are surprising.

Medicare Open Enrollment Is On Now

Medicare's open enrollment period is between October 15 and December 7. What does that mean for you?

Silver Sneakers: Medigap’s Secret for Seniors

The Silver Sneaker program offered through certain Medigap providers helps Medicare-eligible seniors improve their health. You might want to consider this program before...

Medicare Open Enrollment 2018

Medicare's Open Enrollment 2018 begins in October. Many seniors are confused about what options are available to them at this time. This article explains the dos, don'ts, cans, and cannots...

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids may seem unaffordable to many seniors, leaving them wondering if Medicare covers the costs. And, if not, how will they pay for their hearing aid costs, that can range to several thousand dollars.

When Will My Medicare Coverage Start?

Understanding when your Medicare Part A and Part B will be effective is important to know so that you can coordinate cancellation of your current insurance and enrollment into Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans

Medicare Supplement Plan G Vs. F

With no new Medigap Plan F's after 2020, we are constantly asked if Medicare Supplement F or G is the right way to go, and if Plan F will increase in price...

Medicare Advantage: Pros and Cons

Finding the right Medicare insurance can be rather confusing for seniors - especially when parsing through the 150-page "Medicare and You" booklet that the government sends out as you approach age 65. We have made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a MA plan that should help you understand if this product is right for you.