Do I need to enroll in Medigap if I keep working past age 65?

June 13, 2022 /// No Comments

Not everyone needs to enroll in Medicare when they turn 65. If you continue working past 65 or are enrolled on your spouse’s employer plan, you can delay your Medicare enrollment.

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Can’t Afford Medigap Plan G? Think Again

May 4, 2022 /// 2 Comments

While Medigap Plan G is not the cheapest Medicare supplemental insurance out there, it could save you a bundle if you have serious medical expenses. After reviewing this article the question you should ask yourself is, “Can you afford NOT to purchase Plan G?”

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Medigap Plan G: Getting Started

April 15, 2022 /// No Comments

Medigap Plan G fills in all but one of Original Medicare’s gaps. You will have $0 in out-of-pocket costs for Medicare costs except for the Part B deductible.

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Medicare Part D higher than you thought?

March 1, 2022 /// 2 Comments

Is your social security withdrawal for Medicare Part D higher than you think it should be? There are 5 main reasons why your monthly Medicare Part D withdrawal may be more expensive than what you signed up for. 1)  Your income is higher than average so you are subject to IRMAA part D. People who […]

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Changes to Medicare Part D Donut Hole 2022

February 18, 2022 /// No Comments

For 2022, the donut hole starts when you reach $4,430 in prescription costs.

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Does Medicare Advantage Charge a Late Penalty?

February 11, 2022 /// 2 Comments

Medicare Advantage doesn’t charge late penalties BUT you could pay an prescription drug penalty if you enroll in MA at the wrong time.

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Medicare Open Enrollment Tips

February 7, 2022 /// 4 Comments

Medicare’s Open Enrollment can be overwhelming but these 8 tips will help you prepare for success during Medicare’s Annual Election Period.

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Does Medicare Cover Adjustable Beds?

February 2, 2022 /// 6 Comments

Medicare Part B does cover adjustable beds for your home under certain circumstances. To qualify for an adjustable bed, you must have a…

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Medicare’s Plan to Lower Medicare Advantage and Part D drug Costs

February 2, 2022 /// 3 Comments

The Center for Medicare Services (CMS) is working on a proposed new rule to significantly reduce out-of-pocket Medicare Part D prescription drug expenses for Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D plans. 

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Nevada’s Medigap Birthday Rule: When to Apply

January 28, 2022 /// 3 Comments

As of January 1st, individuals enrolled in a Nevada Medicare Medigap plan can change their plan using the New NV Birthday Rule. The rule…

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