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Medicare Deadline Calculator

Find your Medicare deadlines and avoid penalties

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Welcome to the Medicare deadline calculator! developed this tool so you will not miss your guaranteed enrollment dates. Those who miss certain deadlines may be subject to:

  1. Lifetime Penalties
  2. Delayed Start Dates
  3. Declined Coverage Based on Medical Review

Original Medicare Deadline

Most people start Medicare Part A and Part B once they turn 65. If you miss your Part B deadline, you may be subject to both penalties and delay in start date.

Medigap Deadline

Medicare Supplement Insurance (AKA Medigap) is additional insurance that fills in many of the gaps not covered by Medicare Part A and/or Part B. Missing your Medigap Initial Enrollment deadline means you may have to go through medical underwriting and could be denied coverage.

Medicare Advantage Deadline

Medicare Advantage (MA) is offered by private companies and replaces original Medicare with, at a minimum, equivalent benefits. Missing the Medicare Advantage deadline means you may have a delay in your start date and need to pay a penalty.

Medicare Part D Deadline

Medicare Part D is is prescription drug coverage offered by private insurance companies but approved and regulated by Medicare. If you miss your Part D deadline you could be subject to penalties and/ or a delay in your start date.

Disclaimer: The deadlines provided on this page are general guidelines and may not apply to people with certain circumstances such as those delaying Medicare due to work coverage. If you believe that you might have special circumstances, please call us to confirm your deadlines.

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