Understanding when your Medicare Part A and Part B will be effective is key to coordinating the cancellation of your current insurance and enrollment into Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans.

While many people will be automatically enrolled in Original Medicare, those who are born on the 1st of the month or those who enroll themselves can have different Medicare effective dates. You can calculate your enrollment dates here.

When Will My Medicare Coverage Start?

Like described above, many people will be automatically enrolled into Medicare. This typically happens when you have already enrolled to receive Social Security. If this is your case, you will receive your red, white, and blue card about three months before your 65 birthday, and your coverage will begin on the 1st day of your birth month.

If your birthday lands on the 1st of the month, then your coverage will begin on the 1st day of the prior month. An example of this is if you were born on May 1st, your Medicare coverage would start on April 1st.

Check Out Our Medicare Deadline Calculator

If you chose to delay your start of Medicare and do not have a qualifying event (such as coverage through work) the chart below will explain when your coverage can/will begin.

When you sign up for Medicare: When your Medicare will begin:
Automatically enrolled/signed up before your 65th birthday month First day of your birth month
Automatically enrolled/signed up before 65th birthday month BUT your birthday falls on the 1st Your coverage will start on the 1st day of month prior to your birthday
During the 1st month you turn 65 Medicare will start 1 month after you sign up
One month after you turn 65 Medicare will start 2 months after you sign up
2 months after you turn 65 Medicare will start 3 months after you sign up
3 months after you turn 65 Medicare will start 3 months after you sign up
After that time, you can usually only apply during the General Election Period (1/1-3/31) Medicare will start July 1st.

NOTE: If you have a qualifying event to enroll in Part B after 65, you will be able to start Medicare right away, and not have to wait until the General Election Period.

Coordinating Start Dates for Medigap with Medicare

Once you know when your Medicare effective date is, you can apply for Medicare Supplement (Medigap). You can enroll up to 3 months before your part B effective date. This way there is no gap in coverage. Call us at 800-930-7956, and we can help coordinate your dates.

Coordinating Start Dates for Medicare Advantage or Drug coverage and Medicare

Same as above. Once you learn your Original Medicare effective date, you’ll want to apply for Medicare Advantage prior to that date, so that you have the coverage you desire.