Maryland now offers the Birthday rule to allow those with Medicare Supplement plans to switch without going through Medical underwriting. Effective July 1, 2023, The Maryland birthday rule now makes it easy for you to switch your current Medigap plan to a less expensive plan with a competitor regardless of your health condition.

maryland birthday rule

What is the Maryland Birthday Rule?

The birthday rule is a state law that was passed by Maryland legislation that addresses one huge pain-point when it comes to Medigap: Switching plans.

Previously, if you lived in Maryland and had a Medigap plan, switching plans usually meant answering health questions and facing the possibility that you could be declined. See there is no annual open enrollment period for switching Medigap in most states. With this new Maryland Birthday Rule Law can now switch to a new Medigap plan with any carrier offering equal or lesser coverage as long as you do it around the time of your birthday. Dive into Our In-Depth Guide Covering the Medigap Birthday Rule in Each State.

How can I use the Maryland Birthday Rule?

1) You must currently have a Medigap plan in MD to use the Maryland Birthday rule.

2) You can only switch to a Medigap plan with any carrier offering equal or lesser coverage.

3) You must switch within 30 days of your birthday.

That is it!

Next Steps with the Maryland Birthday Rule

Get an instant Medigap quote to see if competitors are selling your plan for less in Maryland. Then contact at 800-930-7956 as your birthday approaches. We can usually switch your plan right over the phone.