Health Net Innovative Medigap Plan G

Health Net offering vision and hearing benefits to California plan G

by Ray Wilson+ on Nov 26, 2019 | 3 Comments

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Health Net is introducing its brand new Medigap Plan Innovative G in California as of 2020. This plan will have the same benefits as Medigap Plan G and include some additional hearing and vision benefits. 

What does Medigap Innovative G cover?

In addition to the core benefits that all Medigap plan G plans must offer, this plan will also include:

  • Routine Hearing Exam: one hearing exam every 12 months
  • Hearing Aid(s): includes fitting evaluation; hearing aid cost shares are based on technology level*:
      Level 1 – $0
      Level 2 – $700
      Level 3 – $1,125
      Level 4 – $1,580
  • Routine Eye Exam: one vision exam every 12 months
  • Eyewear: up to $250 allowance for frame and lens package once every 24 months or contact lens once every 12 months
  • Chiropractic/ Acupuncture ($0 copay/ 20 visits combined)
  • Silver&Fit: exercise and healthy aging program which provides either a no-cost membership at a local participating Silver&Fit fitness facility, or membership in the Silver&Fit Home Fitness Program for members who are unable to participate in a fitness facility or prefer to work out at home.

These new hearing aid cost shares are the same as those offered in Health Net Innovative Plan F.

Since you are interested in Innovative G you might also want to take a look at Blue Shield Medigap G Extra. You can also compare both plans here.

Can I Switch to Innovative G?

Short answer is YES!  If you already have a Medigap plan you can apply for Innovative G at any time of the year but you may be subject to medical underwriting. You can also take advantage of the CA birthday rule outlined below.

As of July 1, 2020, a standardized plan and an Innovative plan are considered equal in benefits. This means if you have a standard F or G you can switch to Innovative F, Innovative G or F extra during the California Birthday Rule.

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Reader Comments and Questions

By Stacy on May 19, 2020

is there any other plan similar to this one in california?

Yes, there is. Apart from Health Net Innovative G, Blue Shield G Extra also offers additional benefits such as hearing and vision. Compare Innovative G and G Extra here.

Contact us to enroll in any of these plans at no additional cost to you.
-Michelle from

By Pam on May 19, 2020

how is it possible that innovative plans are sometimes cheaper than normal f and g?

It may seem strange but there is actually no catch at all. Newer plans tend to have healthier, younger members, so they can be priced more aggressively to get more Medicare eligible members. If the price of these plans do go up in the future, you can always use the California Birthday Rule to switch back to the standard version.
-Chris from

By William on February 17, 2020

is innovative G only offered in California?

As of now, Medigap Innovative G is indeed only offered in California.
-Michelle from

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