Medicare Supplement Plan F (AKA Medigap F) is by far the most popular Medigap plan in the United States. It covers the most “gaps” left by Medicare but it is also the most expensive. While we believe that Plan F medicare supplement is worth its monthly premium, there are a few choices for people who still want to protect themselves but cannot afford the Medicare Supplement Plan F monthly cost.

Alternatives to Medigap Plan F

1) Purchase any other Supplement Plan
A straight forward alternative to Medigap F, is to choose one of its counterparts. To save money why not select a plan that covers the most expensive benefits (such as hospitalization), but doesn’t offer all the other benefits of Plan F. The good news is that every Medigap plan covers the extra 365 days in the hospital. That is the most expensive benefit, so any plan will put you in a much better position if you end up in the hospital for an extended period of time. So check out plan A, plan N or Plan G if you want to get a lower cost Medigap and are OK will a little more cost sharing. Click here to see a Medicare Supplement comparison chart. To get a quote on a non plan F plan call us at 800-930-7956.

2) Consider a High Deductible Plan F
This plan has a $2,800 deductible, but covers all the same benefits as plan F at a fraction of the cost. Some healthy seniors select this option to save money each month but still remained protected if they ever have significant medical needs. Learn more about Medigap High F here…

3) Research Medicare Advantage
MA plans cap your total out of pocket maximum at $8850. If you are willing to accept a smaller doctor network, MA plans can be an affordable alternative to Plan F.

Learn More about Medicare Advantage Get a MA Quote

Alternatives to Plan F Recap:

Selecting the right Medicare insurance plan can be overwhelming. While most experts agree the Plan F is the best supplemental insurance, it isn’t right for everyone. If after checking out the 3 alternatives above you still need assistance, please call us at 800-930-7956. A licensed independent agent will help match you with the plan the best suits your needs and budget. There are no hidden costs or fees for our service.