Medigap Plan High-F is a type of Medicare Supplement insurance that covers everything that traditional Medigap F covers, but with, you guessed it, a high deductible ($2,490). Why would you want that and how Medigap High F works is explained below.

Medigap High-F Coverage

High F, just like the traditional Medigap Plan F, covers the following:

  • An additional 365 days of hospitalization
  • Hospitalization coinsurance
  • Part A & B deductibles
  • Hospice and Skilled Nursing coinsurance
  • First 3 pints of blood from a transfusion
  • Part B excess charges and coinsurance
  • Foreign emergency healthcare

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High-F Network

Medigap High-F plans have the largest nationwide network of doctors and hospitals, because they have the same network as Original Medicare.

Medigap High-F Costs

Medigap High-F have low monthly premiums due to the high deductible that must be met before Medigap pays toward your services. The exact cost of your premium will depend on which Medigap insurance provider you choose. Remember, usually the lowest priced plan is often the one you should go for. Here are other tips on choosing a Medicare Supplement plan.

To apply or get a Medigap High-F quote call 800-930-7956.