24% of Medicare Beneficiaries are Enrolled in Medigap

July 25, 2013 /// No Comments

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, 88% of all Medicare beneficiaries also had a form of supplemental insurance. Medigap (Medicare Supplement Plan) accounts for 24% of seniors, with 14% of seniors enrolled in a…

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Health Net of CA Medigap Plans

July 18, 2013 /// No Comments

Health Net of California offers Medicare Supplemental plans, also known as Medigap, to help supplement Original Medicare’s financial gaps. Health Net offers a limited number of plans, but their range includes basic to comprehensive coverage.

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Aetna Medigap California

July 15, 2013 /// 2 Comments

Aetna of California offers 5 Medigap plans to help cover the gaps in coverage that Original Medicare leaves. We have made a list of reasons you should consider Aetna for your Medicare Supplemental plan (Medigap).

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Emergency Medicare

July 10, 2013 /// 2 Comments

If you have Original Medicare and are travelling outside of the country, are you covered? With few exceptions, no. We’ll explain how Medicare works with foreign travel.

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Medicare Law: 3 ObamaCare Facts

July 2, 2013 /// No Comments

Fact 1: Specific Medicare Benefits Will Not Be Cut There has been a lot of news about how Medicare benefits will be cut due to ObamaCare, we hope to address this confusion. The Affordable Care Act actually prohibits cuts to Medicare medical benefits such as hospital or doctor visit payments. So, to be clear, Medicare […]

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Aetna New Medigap “Birthday Rule” Policy for CA

June 28, 2013 /// No Comments

Aetna of California members will now be to switch Medigap policies during an open enrollment period each year.

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Medicare Plan: Preparing for the Healthcare Exchange

May 21, 2013 /// No Comments

The Healthcare Exchange begins January 2014. There are a lot of changes happening to American healthcare, but how does this effect Medicare? We have found some key points for seniors, such as Medicare Part A under ObamaCare is…

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Elderly Health Care: Medicare & Medigap

April 23, 2013 /// No Comments

There are many gaps in Medicare’s coverage. Such as Medicare Part A only pays for..

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Anthem Blue Cross of California Medigap

April 5, 2013 /// 6 Comments

Medicare Supplemental plans can be confusing. Anthem Blue Cross of California Medigap Plan might be the right supplement plan for you because it…

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Humana now offers Medigap Plans in Virginia

March 4, 2013 /// No Comments

Humana currently offers a nice array of low cost, medium and comprehensive Medigap plans. Plan A and Plan F High-Deductible are usually the most affordable. Depending on what price it is offered in your state, Plan F High-Deductible is

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