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Celebrities Birthdays: Look Who Turned 65

May 7, 2014 /// No Comments

You may have heard that ten thousand boomers turn 65 everyday, but you probably didn’t know these celebrities are now Medicare-eligible.

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Medicare Supplement: 10 Illegal Practices

May 7, 2014 /// No Comments

Medicare Supplement insurance fills in the gaps of Original Medicare by supplementing costs, extending hospitalization, and some plans even offer foreign emergency care. If you decide that you want a Medigap plan you’ll want to watch out for these 10 illegal Medigap practices.

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Medicare Options: Medigap 6 Things to Know

May 2, 2014 /// No Comments

Medigap is a great option to add onto Original Medicare. We’ve found six things you should know about Medigap: 1) To be eligible you must be enrolled in…

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Filing for Medicare: 4 Things to Know

May 1, 2014 /// 6 Comments

Filing for Medicare is easier than it may seem. Medicare makes it very easy to fill out paperwork, find out if you’re eligible, and to be able to use your plan as soon as you are eligible. We have laid out what you need to know when filing for Medicare.

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Medicare Over 65

April 29, 2014 /// 2 Comments

If you are over 65 you can still sign up for Medicare but their may be some penalties for some people who sign up too late. First off, what is Medicare’s initial enrollment period? It is a seven month period starting…

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How to Switch Your Part D Plan

April 29, 2014 /// No Comments

There are two ways to switch your Medicare Part D drug plan in 2014. If you are not happy with your current monthly costs, covered medications, and out-of-pocket costs you’ll want to consider these two options for changing your plan.

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Medicare Drugs: Part D Coverage

April 24, 2014 /// 4 Comments

Coming from the group or individual market, most newly senior persons are used to drug coverage being part of the package. However, quickly seniors will learn that Original Medicare does not provide prescription coverage. Here are the things you need to know about Medicare Part D…

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What is Medigap?

April 23, 2014 /// 4 Comments

Original Medicare covers the basics for boomers but can leave some major gaps in coverage. This is where Medigap kicks in.

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Information on Medicare: 5 Things to Know

April 18, 2014 /// No Comments

With all the information out there on Medicare, we have made a fact sheet of five things you should know. 1) You are eligible for Medicare if you are …

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How to Get Medicare Part A

April 17, 2014 /// 4 Comments

Many seniors are confused by the 100 plus page booklet sent out by Medicare on how to get coverage. Not only is that confusing but also what is covered. So we decided to make this simple.

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