Medicare for 65 and Over: 5 Things to Consider

December 24, 2013 /// No Comments

Seniors turning 65 may have a lot of questions about how Medicare works for them. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are 5 ways to figure out…

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Medigap 65 and Over: 5 Things to Know

December 17, 2013 /// No Comments

Medigap, aka Medicare Supplemental insurance, is designed to protect seniors from costly medical expenses left by Original Medicare. We know it can seem a little complicated so here is a list of 5 things to know…

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Medicare Advantage Enrollment Loophole

December 11, 2013 /// 8 Comments

With Medicare’s Open Enrollment now closed what do you do if your health plan or Rx plan aren’t up to par? Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans are available year round as long as…

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Medicare Advantage Guide: 4 Easy Steps

December 5, 2013 /// No Comments

If you are considering a Medicare Advantage plan, also known as Medicare Part C, you probably have discovered the labyrinth of information out there. This is because MA plans are not…

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Affordable Care Act: Medigap Changes?

December 3, 2013 /// No Comments

The Affordable Care Act doesn’t affect Medigap in most cases, but there is one thing that could change in the future for Medigap policyholders. As 1/5 of all Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in…

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ObamaCare: 4 Ways it Impacts Medicare

November 21, 2013 /// No Comments

The Affordable Care Act, or as many people call it Obamacare, implements a few services that affects seniors. We have listed four important ways the ACA will impact your Medicare coverage.

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Medicare: 4 Basic Items Not Covered

November 20, 2013 /// No Comments

Medicare is meant to cover the basics of senior health care, but many seniors are surprised it doesn’t cover a few basic services. We’ve listed 4 services that aren’t covered by Medicare, that you might have thought you may have been…

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Turning 65? $0 Medicare Wellness Visits

November 19, 2013 /// No Comments

When you first enroll in Medicare Part B you have a one time introductory visit known as the “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit for $0, as well as a yearly wellness visit. Let me explain how this works and why…

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65 and a Smoker? Medicare Can Help You Quit

November 18, 2013 /// No Comments

Medicare offers smoking cessation counseling to its beneficiaries. It may be your year to make a no-smoking New Year’s Resolution, and Medicare can help.

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Women and Medicare: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

November 15, 2013 /// No Comments

Women comprise the majority of Medicare beneficiaries (56%), with this number reaching 72% by the time seniors reach 85. Women have special Medicare needs, we have compiled a list of 5 things women can do to prevent disease and expensive…

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