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Medicare Supplement: 4 Tips

May 20, 2014 /// No Comments

Now that you are eligible for Original Medicare you may decide that a Medigap plan is right for you. Here are four tips that will help you to choose the right plan.

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Medicare Wellness Exam

May 16, 2014 /// 17 Comments

Medicare offers many preventive services at no cost to beneficiaries, including a wellness exam once a year. Here is how your wellness exam works for you.

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Medicare and Prostate Screenings

May 14, 2014 /// No Comments

Medicare offers screenings for prostate cancer. We have learned how you are covered. 1) You pay 20% for the digital…

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Medicare Coverage: Medicare, Medigap, Part D

May 13, 2014 /// No Comments

Medicare coverage is not just limited to Original Medicare. There are three things you need to be truly covered: 1) Besides Medicare you need…

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What is Medicare?

May 13, 2014 /// 4 Comments

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant. What does this mean for you? Many people…

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Health Insurance Medicare: ObamaCare Facts

May 9, 2014 /// No Comments

With ObamaCare upon us, we went in search of all the facts seniors need to know in regards to health insurance and Medicare. The list we have compiled should help dispel any murky information out there.

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What Medicare Doesn’t Cover

May 8, 2014 /// No Comments

Original Medicare covers the basics if you have both Medicare Part A and B, however there are still some things that Medicare doesn’t cover at all. 1) Long-Term Care, 2) Dentures…

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Part D Medicare Coverage: When should I sign up?

May 8, 2014 /// 2 Comments

If you don’t have other credible prescription drug coverage through work or spouse, you will pay a 1 percent penalty for late enrollment for every month that you could have enrolled but chose not to.

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Celebrities Birthdays: Look Who Turned 65

May 7, 2014 /// No Comments

You may have heard that ten thousand boomers turn 65 everyday, but you probably didn’t know these celebrities are now Medicare-eligible.

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Medicare Supplement: 10 Illegal Practices

May 7, 2014 /// No Comments

Medicare Supplement insurance fills in the gaps of Original Medicare by supplementing costs, extending hospitalization, and some plans even offer foreign emergency care. If you decide that you want a Medigap plan you’ll want to watch out for these 10 illegal Medigap practices.

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