Medigap Plans with Extra Benefits: Ultimate Guide

August 17, 2021 /// 2 Comments

In the past few years, several insurance companies launched Medigap plans with additional or “extra” benefits. These plans not only offered the traditional core benefits required by Medigap plans, but also added ancillary coverage not included with Medigap such as vision, dental, and hearing benefits. The trend of offering extra benefits seems to be growing, […]

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Aetna Plus plans: Dental, Vision and Hearing

August 2, 2021 /// 2 Comments

Aetna has just announced they will be offering what they are calling Plus plans. Dental, Hearing and Vision plans are now available for purchase in some states.

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Oregon Medigap Birthday Rule: Overview and How to Use it

August 2, 2021 /// 2 Comments

Oregon’s Medicare supplemental insurance “Birthday Rule” allows Medigap members to switch to an equal or lessor-benefit Medigap plan from the date of their birthday until 30 days after. Members who take advantage of this new switching law cannot be turned down for the new plan because of a pre-existing condition. This is one of the many options […]

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Medicare Facts 2021: what you can do

July 26, 2021 /// 2 Comments

Medicare can be confusing. Sometimes it helps to have some guidance when it comes to what other people are doing to minimize their costs.

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Medigap Switching in Maine: No Health Questions at any time

July 16, 2021 /// 2 Comments

Maine is one of the few states allowing Medigap members to switch their Medigap plan without answering any health questions at all.

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Medigap Switching in Connecticut: No Health Questions at any time

July 16, 2021 /// 1 Comment

Connecticut allows Medigap members to switch to any other Medigap without answering any health questions at all.

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Medicare Insurance Switching: Ultimate Guide

July 15, 2021 /// 2 Comments

With so many different plans, carriers, deductibles and what not, picking the wrong plan happens. A lot. Check out your options.

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New York allows Medigap members to switch plans at any time

July 6, 2021 /// 2 Comments

New York is one of the few states that allows enrollees to switch their Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan whenever they want.

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Introducing Medigap Plan G PLUS in Illinois

May 11, 2021 /// 3 Comments

Medigap Plan G PLUS is the newest addition to the Medigap world, covering everything Plan G covers while also offering vision, hearing and dental. As of now, it is only offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. While all Medigap plans are standardized, a few insurance providers in California have begun to include additional […]

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Medigap Enrollment Increased by 50%

April 27, 2021 /// 2 Comments

Medigap helps cover the 20% of the expenses not covered by Medicare including deductibles, copays and coinsurance. Since 2010 there has been almost a 50% increase in the amount of Medigap policies sold, reaching from 9.7 million to more than 14.1 million enrollees.

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