Medicare offers screenings for prostate cancer. We have learned how you are covered.

Medicare Prostate Screenings and Costs

There are two prostate screenings offered by Original Medicare every 12 months for men who are 50 and older and enrolled in Medicare. You MUST be enrolled in Medicare Part B to be eligible for the following two screenings:

  • Digital rectal exam: 20%
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test: $0*

*You may be responsible for a separate doctor’s cost.

Ways to Cover Prostate Screening Costs

All Medigap plans will cover all or a portion of the digital rectal exam 20% Part B coinsurance. Some Medigap plans will cover your doctor’s office copay and excess charges. Medigap plans can also cover deductibles, add an additional 365 hospitalization days, and foreign emergency care.

Extra Prostate Screening Costs?

Your doctor may request more screenings than Medicare allows for. If this is the case you may have to pay all the costs out of pocket. Make sure to check with Medicare to see how all your services are covered.

Next Steps
For further questions about prostate screenings call the number above or if you would like to compare Medicare insurance coverage click here to get a Medigap quote.