With ObamaCare upon us, we went in search of all the facts seniors need to know in regards to health insurance and Medicare. The list we have compiled should help dispel any murky information out there.

ObamaCare Limits Cuts from Medicare

While there are rumors that Medicare services will be cut, there are more benefits for seniors rather than less. Some of these benefits that the Affordable Care Act added to Medicare include $0 preventive care, which include mammograms, screenings, and some vaccinations.

The Affordable Care Act will limit Medicare fraud. According to ABC News, Medicare fraud costs taxpayers $60 Billion a year.

Donut Hole to Close by 2020

If you have fallen into the Medicare Part D prescription plan doughnut hole you know how expensive this can be. The ACA is closing this gap by 2020. Each year the gap gets a little smaller until it reaches 25% for both generic and brand name drugs on your formulary.

Medicare Advantage Will Still be Available

There are false rumors that Medicare Advantage would be taken away. However, the ACA is looking at ways to lower taxpayer’s cost so you’ll want to keep an eye on how changes to plans may increase coinsurance and copays, as well as to see how service coverage changes. Luckily for you if you don’t like your coverage, you can switch your MA plan during open enrollment each year.

Medicare Will Maintain Same Network

Medicare has the largest network of doctors and hospitals, as well as it allows you to see some doctors that don’t accept Medicare assignment (by law this doctor cannot charge you more than the 15% more than the agreed on amount set by Medicare).

Most Seniors Will Not Purchase an Exchange Plan

Most seniors will not purchase an ObamaCare Exchange plan. You are also not obligated to purchase additional coverage either, however, if you have Original Medicare you may want to look into Medigap to help with major medical expenses that Medicare leaves huge gaps. The gaps Medigap may cover are deductibles, coinsurance, blood transfusions, and extended hospital stays.

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