Affordable Care Act: Medigap Changes?

December 3, 2013 /// No Comments

The Affordable Care Act doesn’t affect Medigap in most cases, but there is one thing that could change in the future for Medigap policyholders. As 1/5 of all Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in…

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ObamaCare: 4 Ways it Impacts Medicare

November 21, 2013 /// No Comments

The Affordable Care Act, or as many people call it Obamacare, implements a few services that affects seniors. We have listed four important ways the ACA will impact your Medicare coverage.

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Medicare: 4 Basic Items Not Covered

November 20, 2013 /// No Comments

Medicare is meant to cover the basics of senior health care, but many seniors are surprised it doesn’t cover a few basic services. We’ve listed 4 services that aren’t covered by Medicare, that you might have thought you may have been…

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Turning 65? $0 Medicare Wellness Visits

November 19, 2013 /// No Comments

When you first enroll in Medicare Part B you have a one time introductory visit known as the “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit for $0, as well as a yearly wellness visit. Let me explain how this works and why…

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65 and a Smoker? Medicare Can Help You Quit

November 18, 2013 /// No Comments

Medicare offers smoking cessation counseling to its beneficiaries. It may be your year to make a no-smoking New Year’s Resolution, and Medicare can help.

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Women and Medicare: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

November 15, 2013 /// No Comments

Women comprise the majority of Medicare beneficiaries (56%), with this number reaching 72% by the time seniors reach 85. Women have special Medicare needs, we have compiled a list of 5 things women can do to prevent disease and expensive…

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Medigap Guaranteed Renewal and Issuance

November 6, 2013 /// 4 Comments

Medigap, also known Medicare Supplement insurance, offers guaranteed renewal and issuance, however you only have one opportunity in most states to enroll.

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Anthem: High F or G Medigap Plans No Longer Offered in Some States

November 5, 2013 /// 2 Comments

Anthem Medigap High Deductible F and G plans are no longer available for new members effective January 1, 2014, in Wisconsin, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and…

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Anthem Allows Some MA Members to Switch to Medigap

November 5, 2013 /// No Comments

Some Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans will be discontinued, effective December 31, 2013, in Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Colorado, and…

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Nearing 65: Standard & Preferred Medigap

October 31, 2013 /// 12 Comments

As many seniors are nearing the milestone age of 65 there are a lot Medicare Insurance questions about Medigap policies. One of these questions is what is the difference between a standard and preferred Medigap policy. It’s actually pretty simple.

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