Medicare Supplement insurance, aka Medigap, is actually quite simple. Here are five helpful tips for choosing the right Medigap plan.

1) Choose Medigap Plan by Price

When choosing a Medigap plan you want to compare prices from different companies. Each Medigap Plan F is equal to Plan F from any company, same goes for any lettered plan. You can just get a quote for Medigap now, if you like, or continue reading to learn more tips.

2) More Comprehensive Medigap Plans Can Save $$

This seems counterintuitive, but a comprehensive Medigap plan like Plan C or F can actually save you a lot of money if you have a chronic illness or emergency, even though the monthly premium is higher.

3) Travel Abroad? Choose a Medigap with Foreign Emergency Care

6 Medigap plans cover foreign emergency care when traveling outside of the United States. Each plan has a separate foreign travel care deductible of $250 and covers up to 50k in emergency care, if the emergency occurs within the first 60 days of your trip.

4) Can’t Afford Medigap Full Coverage? Maybe You Can

If you are on a fixed income but still want full coverage some insurance companies may offer Medigap’s most comprehensive coverage plan Plan F with a money saving monthly premium. You can choose between Plan F High Deductible ($2,180 in 2015) or the much more rarely available Plan F Select. Medigap Plan F Select works by creating a PPO-type network of doctors and hospitals, therefore limiting your network, but reducing your premium. Both High-F and F Select offer the same comprehensive coverage.

5) Research Medigap Plans

Besides the initial price, remember Medigap plans can go up each year. Therefore you’ll want to learn how each company’s price increases with age. You’ll also want to make sure you choose a reputable company. Click here to see a Medigap comparison chart.

For further questions call 800-930-7956 or click here to get a Medigap quote.