Most people who have heard of Medigap may not understand the difference between Medigap and Medigap SELECT. Medigap SELECT plans are not widely discussed but, according to AHIP, roughly 670,000 Medicare enrollees had SELECT plans as of December 31, 2019.  Here we break down the difference between Medigap and Medicare SELECT.

First: What is Medigap?

Medigap is a form of insurance that supplements Original Medicare.  Check out our Medigap Overview Page for complete details.  If you choose to go with Medigap, you will still be enrolled in Medicare. Fees not covered by Medigap such as deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, and excess charges are considered “gaps”. Medigap plans cover some or all of these gaps. Medicare pays its part first (often 80% of hospital and doctors fees) and then your Medigap policy pays its portion (usually the remaining 20%). Medigap can also extend your hospital stay up to 365 days. Most states offer 10 federally regulated Medigap plans and most of our clients enroll in Medigap plan G.

Standard Medigap has no network.  Any doctor or facility that accepts Medicare MUST ACCEPT Medigap. This not only makes life simple but allows you access to the largest amount of doctors and facilities in the nation.

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What is Medigap SELECT?

Medigap SELECT plans work like standard Medigap but offer a lower monthly premium in exchange for a small network of hospitals and facilities.  With Medigap SELECT, you can still access the same Medicare network of doctors as any other Medigap plan. Each SELECT plan has its own hospital network.  You’ll want to check the hospitals and other medical facilities network with each Medigap SELECT insurance provider in your area. It is also worth noting that not all providers offer Medigap SELECT.

We do not post SELECT pricing on our Medigap quote engine so contact us to get more information.

What if I Go Out of Network With My Medigap SELECT Plan?

If you choose to see use a healthcare facility that is not within your network, you will pay all costs after Medicare pays its share, unless it is an emergency. In that case, you will be covered for the emergency the same as if you were in the Medigap SELECT network (remember being kept for observation may not be considered an emergency).

Are there any other Medigap Options for those on a budget?

Medigap SELECT can help you save money but may not be offered in your area or fit your needs.  Medigap Plan N and high-deductible Plan G are Medigap alternatives that can save you money over standard Medigap plan G.

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