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by Amy De Vore+ on May 13, 2016 | 3 Comments

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Most people have heard of Medigap, also known as Medicare Supplement Insurance, but many people don’t understand the difference between Medigap and Medigap SELECT. Fair enough. These plans are not widely discussed, so I figured I help explain the difference between the two.

First, What is Medigap?

Medigap is form of insurance that supplements Original Medicare. If you choose to go with Medigap you will still be enrolled in Medicare. The way it works is Medicare pays its part first and then your Medigap policy pays their portion. The reason for Medigap is the gaps left in coverage by Medicare such as deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, and excess charges.  As well as Medigap extends your hospital stays up to 365 days. Most states offer 10 federally regulated Medigap plans, A-N.

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What is Medigap SELECT ?

Medigap Select offers a lower monthly premium in exchange for a small network of hospitals and facilities, but the same network of doctors as any other Medigap plan. Each Select plan has it’s own hospital network, and you’ll want to check the hospitals and other medical facilities with each insurance provider in your area. With that said, facilities can choose to stop working a insurance company at any time, and just because you confirm it before it enrolling, does mean you will have access to that hospital every year. It is also worth noting that not all providers offer Medigap SELECT.

What if I Go Out of Network With My Medigap SELECT Plan?

If you choose to see use a health care facility that is not within your network you will pay all costs after Medicare pays its share, unless it is an emergency. In that case, you will be covered for the emergency the same as if you were in network (remember being kept for observation may not be considered an emergency).

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What are Other Medigap Options for Those on a Budget?

Medigap offers its most comprehensive coverage plan, Plan F, with a high-deductible. High F offers a low premium, the large nationwide network of hospitals and facilities, with a high deductible of $2,300.

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Reader Comments and Questions

By Louis Jay on June 09, 2016

I don't want a PPO/HMO type network! That's why I thought Medigap was the way to go. Are there plans that don't have that? And, how much do they cost??

Not to worry! The majority of Medigap plans do not have a PPO/HMO network, but rather work with Medicare's nationwide network. (It's only the Select plans that have the smaller network.) You can get a Medigap quote here or call one of our Senior65 licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956 and we'd be happy to get you a quote and help you apply.
-Michelle from

By Olive on May 26, 2016

Seems like Medigap Select is the best plan. I don't know anyone enrolled in them, though. Why is that?

Medigap Select plans may be a good option for some people, but remember you have a small network of hospitals and facilities to choose from (similar to an HMO or PPO), and not all companies offer the Select option in all areas. If you would like to find out if there are Medigap Select options in your area, call one of our Senior65 licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956.
-Michelle from

By Jason on May 19, 2016

To be clear, if I choose Medigap F Select I will have identical coverage with the same network of doctors as Medicare BUT when i go to the hospital I will have a small local network. Is this correct?

You got that right! You will have a limited network of hospitals and facilities, but can use any doctor in the Medicare network. Remember, not all plans or areas offer Select plans. To learn more about Medigap Select plans contact one our Senior65 licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956.
-Chris from

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