What is Medigap Plan G

Medigap Plan G is currently the most popular Medicare Supplemental plan.1 We will explain more about How Plan G works and when to enroll in the article below.

Retiree insurance for Seniors Turning 65

What is Medigap?

First things first, it’s important to understand what Medigap entails. It’s a supplementary plan that you can enroll in to help cover some or the majority of the costs Medicare Part A and Part B leave behind. Many people think once you reach sixty-five, all your medical bills are covered by Medicare. Unfortunately, Original Medicare can leave significant holes in coverage. You can have significant out-of-pocket costs if you have a health problem. This is where Medigap can help protect your pocket. They are available from Medigap Plan A to Plan N. Medigap Plan G offers the most supplemental insurance coverage available for purchase for those new to Medicare.

The majority of plans allow you to see nationwide doctors as long as Original Medicare is accepted. It also covers skilled nursing facility fees, hospital stays, doctor visits, and some plans offer additional coverage up to $50,000 for emergency medical care while traveling outside the U.S.

What does Medigap Plan G cover?

Medigap Plan G fills in all but one of Original Medicare’s gaps. You will have $0 in out-of-pocket costs for Medicare costs except for the Part B deductible.

Below is a quick list of what you would pay under Original Medicare alone, and then what you would pay if you purchased Medigap Plan G. Click here to see a more complete list of Plan G benefits.

BenefitsOriginal Medicare AloneMedigap Plan G
Doctor NetworkAll Doctors that accept MedicareAll Doctors that accept Medicare
Part A Hospital Benefit Period DeductibleYou pay $1,556*You pay $0
Hospital days CoinsuranceYou pay $389 per day for days 61-90, $778  per day for 60 lifetime reserve daysYou pay $0
Skilled Nursing Facility CoinsuranceYou pay $194.50 per day from Day 21-100You pay $0
First 3 Pints of BloodYou pay 100%You pay $0
Part B Annual DeductibleYou pay $233You pay $233
Part B Copays/CoinsuranceYou pay 20% (Part B deductible applies)You pay $0 after Part B deductible
Part B Excess ChargesYou pay 100% (Part B deductible applies)You pay $0 after Part B deductible
Foreign Travel EmergencyYou pay 100%You pay 20%***

Should you enroll in Medigap G?

If you are turning sixty-five and eligible for Medicare, you should consider enrolling in Medigap G. Medigap G is usually way less expensive than what you were paying for your individual insurance. Plus, Medigap doesn’t have copays or coinsurance, and covers your Part A deductible. With all of this coverage, Medigap G can save you thousands on normal healthcare each year and hundreds of thousands a year if you have a prolonged hospital stay.

You can enroll in Medigap at any time but you have 6 up to months after your Medicare Part B effective date to enroll in Medigap plan G without answering any health questions for approval. Click here to learn more about your Medigap Initial Enrollment.

Plan G Extra Benefits

A few states offer Plan G with “Extra Benefits” beyond those listed above. If you live in California, Nevada, or Illinois, you are in luck since these innovative Medigap G plans include vision, hearing, and sometimes dental.

What about Medigap Plan F?

If you have heard about Medigap Plan F, you are not alone. At one time Plan F was the most popular Medicare Supplement plan available. Then came new laws that changed who could purchase Plan F. If you turned 65 after January 1, 2022, you can no longer purchase Medigap Plan F. Those who currently have Plan F can stay on it but those new to medicare are unable to enroll in that plan. Plan G, however, is usually better priced than Medigap Plan F and covers everything F does except the Part B deductible of $233.

Next Steps

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  1. More than 64% of seniors turning 65 who enrolled in Medigap purchased Medigap Plan G or High Deductible G plan.  Source: American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI), 2021 report, April 15, 2021