Dental care is one of those things that we all need to take care of but often wait too long to address – some of us more than others :). Since root canals and bridges and other major services can be pricey, many of our clients want to know if Medicare covers any of the costs of routine dental care.

Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Original Medicare Part A and B does not cover routine dental visits and procedures such as filling, tooth extractions or dentures. Medicare can cover some expenses for dentistry-related hospitalizations. Most individuals on Medicare select a separate dental plan to address their regular dental needs.

Does Medigap Cover Dental?

While Medigap plans can cover your Original Medicare deductibles, copays, and coinsurance for dentistry-related hospitalization, generally Medigap does NOT cover dental. Medigap does offer stand-alone dental plans within the application as an additional product for purchase.

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Does Medicare Advantage Cover Dental?

Medicare Advantage (MA) can cover dental but since MA plans are not standardized, coverage and benefits vary from plan to plan. If you are considering a Medicare Advantage plan that does offer dental, make sure to check the dentist network and the maximum payout (how much the MA plan will pay towards your dental in one year). That will help you know how robust the coverage is.

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Is a Stand-Alone Dental Plan Expensive?

Usually stand-alone dental plans are rather inexpensive. In some states, as low as $10 a month.