Medigap plans are supplemental insurance plans that work alongside Original Medicare. Most people know there is a Medigap Initial Enrollment period that begins when you are first eligible for Medicare, but you also have guaranteed issuance if you enroll during a Medigap Special Enrollment Period. You usually have 123 days to do so (60 days before your current plan expires and 63 days after).

The following are seven ways to obtain Medigap without having to endure a waiting period or health screening.  There are many additional options not on this list so please check out our state-specific and other guaranteed approval situations for switching Medicare insurance not listed here.  

1) Employer-Sponsored Retiree Plan Ends

You will be able to enroll in a Medigap plan if your credible-coverage employer-sponsored retiree plan that supplements Medicare ends. Note this does not apply if your plan provided primary benefits or if you stopped paying your premium.

California allows for 2 more ways to enroll in Medigap after your initial enrollment period.

2) Reduction of Benefits or Loss of Eligibility of Employer Plan

You are able to get Medigap with guaranteed issuance if:

  • you end your credible coverage from an employer-sponsored plan
  • your employee-sponsored retiree plan continues to offer benefits but ends your supplemental coverage
  • you lose eligibility due to divorce or the death of the primary member
  • your employee-sponsored retiree plan no longer pays Medicare Part B coinsurance

3) Benefit Change or Termination of Your Medicare Advantage Plan

If your Medicare Advantage plan increased your premium or copayments by 15% or more, reduced your benefits, stopped offering the plan, or ended its relationship with your provider, then you have a right to buy a Medigap Plan BUT only from the same Medicare Advantage company (either organization, network, or organization). If the company does not sell Medigap Plans you can purchase from another company.

It is important to note that an MA plan may at anytime discontinue its contract with a provider.

4) Moving Out of a Medicare Part C Area of Coverage

If you move out of the area of your Medicare Advantage (MA) plan or Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) organization you can enroll in Medigap. You can do this even if an MA plan or PACE organization are available in your new area.

5) Medicare Finds that a Health Plan Commits Fraud, Etc.

You may enroll in Medigap with guaranteed issuance if your health plan, contracted through Medicare, does one of the following:

  • Health plan commits fraud
  • Health plan loses its contract with Medicare
  • Health plan misleads you when you enrolled
  • Health plan does not meet its Medicare contractual obligations

6) Medicare Trial Period

If you joined a Medicare Advantage plan or PACE organization when you first became eligible for Medicare at 65, you may switch to a Medigap plan within the first 12 months of enrollment with guaranteed issuance.

However, if you were previously in either a MA or PACE and already switched, you would not be eligible for the guaranteed issuance.

7) Medicare Trial Period: Take Two

If you switch from a Medigap plan to a Medicare Advantage plan, but decide within the first 12 months of your MA plan that you want to go back to your previous Medigap plan, you can. You must go back to the same Medigap plan you had before. If your original plan is not available, at that time, and only in this case, you can choose any available Medigap Plan from any provider. 

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