The Medigap Household Discount is a discount available with some Medicare Supplement plans that can save you 5% to up to 15%. As you are trying to figure out which Medigap plan is right for you, you will surely encounter the fact that all Medigap plans have standardized benefits and doctor networks. This means that you can select a Medigap insurance provider based on who offers the best price. You should calculate the best price ONLY after factoring in all discounts including the Medigap House Hold discount.

What is a Medigap Household Discount?

Medigap Household discount (also known as HH Discount) refers to a percentage discount off your monthly Medicare Supplement premium when two people from the same address are both (usually) enrolled with the same Medigap insurance company. You can get this discount whether you live in a house, apartment, yurt, trailer, or another dwelling. The amounts and requirements can vary greatly between state and carrier.

Typical Household Discount Eligibility Requirements

  • You must apply for a Medigap plan at the same time as another Medicare-eligible adult or the other Medicare-eligible adult must currently be covered by a Medicare Supplement with the company.
  • The Medicare-eligible adult must be either (a) your spouse; (b) be someone with whom you are in a civil union partnership; or (c) be a permanent resident in your home.
  • The household discount will (usually, but always) only be applicable if a policy for each applicant is issued.
  • The household discount Medicare supplement will apply as long as both policies remain in force.

Note: These requirements vary by insurance provider and state.

Special Household Discounts 

Many insurance providers require that you have someone Medicare-eligible in your house on the exact same plan as you to get the household discount. There are, however, a few insurance providers who do not.  Some Medigap providers will allow you to be on Plan F and your spouse to be on Plan G and both will get a discount.  Also, there is at least one insurance provider that will give you a household discount if there is just someone else over 18 in the house.  The person over 18 does not need to have a Medigap plan for you to get the discount! Contact at 800-930-7956 to learn which providers offer these special household discounts. 

What is the usual household discount?

While many insurance providers do not offer Household discounts, the industry average for an HH discount is usually 5% to 7%. There is one non-advertised plan that is now offering 15%. Since we cannot publish the name of this insurance provider online, you can figure it out by using our “instant quote” below or giving us a call to learn more.

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Are there any other discounts offered by Medigap?

Glad you asked. Let’s do a quick recap on potential Medigap discounts beyond household discounts out there:

  • New to Medicare Discount: this ranges from $0 to $30 off a month for one year for those new to Medicare.  This is only available in a few states like California. 
  • Autopay Discount: Usually around $2-$3.
  • Silver Sneakers: Free or discounted gym membership.

How to choose the best Medigap plan?

We at can help you enroll in the Medigap plan that makes the most sense to you including helping you identify the best discounts. Best of all, we never charge for our services. Just give us a call at 800-930-7956 or apply for Medigap online if you prefer.

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