As you may know Medigap underwent some changes in 2020, which means that the Medigap plans worth considering also changed.

Which Medigap plans are the most popular in 2021?

According to AHIP report State of Medigap 2020,  the percentage of people who are enrolled in Medigap Plan G grew from 8% in 2015 to 17% in 2018. This makes Plan G the most popular Medigap plan for those people who turned 65 after January 1, 2020.

If you are new to Medicare in 2021 here are our recommendations:

  • Medigap Plan G: In most cases, this is the best option. It covers the most benefits possible at usually the most competitive prices. Even if you could purchase Plan F (in spite of the 2020 changes), Plan G usually is a better deal. You can compare Medigap G and F here to see how we came up with that recommendation.
  • Medigap Innovative G or G Extra: These plans offer the same coverage as Plan G, but also cover some hearing and vision benefits. As of now you can find G Extra and Innovative G in California. You can also find Innovative G in Nevada. We expect more Innovative plans coming soon.
    Note: In some states Innovative G will be a better deal than regular G.
  • Medigap Plan N: Plan N is a good plan as long as you live in a state that doesn’t allow for Medicare’s excess charges. Plan N is the third most popular plan in terms of total enrollment after Plan F and Plan G. In 2018 over 10% of all Medigap enrollees had selected Plan N (source AHIP)

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