What if I Miss My Medigap Deadline?

Learn your options for enrolling in Medicare Supplement after your initial enrollment ends

by Ray Wilson+ on Mar 25, 2019 | 4 Comments

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If you have missed your Medicare Supplement initial enrollment period when you are first eligible for Medicare Part B, you might think, “I’m out of luck.” But that’s not always the case. There are a few options for those of you that may have not enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan (Medigap) on your first go. If you do not yet know your deadlines, check our Deadline Calculator.

This article was updated on March 25, 2019 to reflect new information

What if I Miss My Medigap Deadline?

There’s a few things you can do if you miss the Medigap deadline during your initial enrollment period (usually a 6 month period starting the first day of your birth month). Here’s a list of them:

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Next Steps if you Miss Your Medigap Deadline

As you can see above, there are several times you can apply for a Medigap plan. First thing you will want to do is contact Senior65’s independent insurance sales agents at 800-930-7956. We are experts at finding the right plan based on your health and financial needs.


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Reader Comments and Questions

By Carolyn on June 27, 2019

I presently am insured through the Affordable Care Act. I turn 65 on May of 2020, will I continue with this coverage or will I have to enroll in Medicare? I retired early and am also disabled due to a coma and brain tumor removal. Thank you for your help.

Once you turn 65 you should enroll in Medicare and your ACA plan should end. We recommend you check out our article on What is Medicare? to learn more.

Once you enroll in Medicare, we can help you get a Medigap, Medicare Advantage or Drug plan. Give us a call! -Chris from Senior65.com

By Eugene on February 24, 2018

I have a older brother i am trying to help. He is a member of a recognized Indian tribe, Age 71 and has never had a supplemental policy. Is he still able to get a one no matter his health. He lives in Kansas

There may be some specific benefits he has access to by being a member of a recognized Indian tribe. You will want to check with www.medicare.gov for that.

In general, if his part B effective date was in the last 6 months then he could apply and be approved for a Medicare Supplemental plan regardless of his health condition. If not, it would probably mean that he would have to apply for a plan and answer health questions before approval. We can help him apply here at Senior65.com.
Hope that helps
-Chris from Senior65

By rowdy on December 07, 2016

Can you get seperate dental insurance or vision insurance if you are on medicare outside of the open enrollment ?

You can get dental/vision anytime during the year. Click here to get a senior dental/vision quote.
-Eric from https://www.senior65.com/

By Rita on March 04, 2016

I have Medicare Advantage in Chicago, but am retiring in Florida next year. Can I apply for Medigap? I'm worried because I had breast cancer a few years ago, and I think I'll be denied for Medigap.

When you move to Florida/out of your Medicare Advantage network it will trigger a qualifying event for a Medigap guaranteed issuance period, and you won't have to answer medical questions.
-Michelle from https://www.senior65.com/

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