Medigap Plan G is an additional insurance product that helps pay for the majority of “gaps” left in Original Medicare’s coverage. Plan G is currently Senior65’s most popular Medigap plan in terms of enrollment, but what exactly does it cover?

Medigap Plan G has got you covered!

What does Medigap G Cover?

Medigap Plan G covers all of the coinsurance required by Original Medicare. These are the “gaps” that Medicare expects patients to pay. For example, Medicare often will only pay for 80% of a procedure and require patients to pay the remaining 20% in the form of coinsurance. A Medigap G will pay that 20% coinsurance to “fill in the gap” not covered by Medicare.

Medicare also requires deductibles for hospital visits. In 2024 Medicare requires patients to pay $1,632 every time they go to the hospital after a 60-day period. Medigap Plan G will pay this deductible no matter which insurance company you enroll with.

Plan G also pays for some additional benefits not covered by Medicare such as an additional 365 hospital days, Part B excess charges (when doctors legally charge up to 15% more than Medicare’s assignment rate), and foreign travel emergency healthcare.

Here is a more in-depth overview of what Medigap Plan G covers:

Benefits Original Medicare Costs Medigap Plan G (Supplemental)
Doctor and Hospital Network Nationwide network of doctors and hospitals that accept Medicare assignment Nationwide network of doctors and hospitals that accept Medicare assignment
Part A Hospital Deductible $1,632 for each 60-day benefit period* You Pay $0
Hospital Days 60-90 $408 per day You Pay $0
Hospital Lifetime Reserve Days After Day 90 $816 per day (max of 60 days) You Pay $0 PLUS get an extra 365 days
First 3 Pints of Blood for a Transfusion 100% You Pay $0
Medicare Part B Deductible $240 You Pay $240
Medicare Part B Copays/Coinsurance 20% You Pay $0
Medicare Part B Excess Charges 100% You Pay $0
Foreign Emergency Healthcare 100% You Pay 20% (max coverage $50k)

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A recent change in policy allows Medicare Part B to cover some acupuncture and chiropractic care so Medigap Plan G covers acupuncture and chiropractice coinsurance too!

What doesn’t Medigap G cover?

Medigap Plan G doesn’t cover the following benefits.

What is Medigap Plan G Innovative, Inspire, Plus and Extra?

Medigap Plans in a few states can add additional coverage such as hearing and vision benefits. A few of these states: California, Nevada, and Illinois.

California Medigap offers 3 plans with additional benefits: Medigap G Innovative, Inspire, and Extra. They cover everything that Plan G covers and may include vision, hearing, and even a AAA membership.

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