New York is one of the few states that allows enrollees to switch their Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan whenever they want. In most states, you need to go through medical underwriting and answer health questions before you are approved to switch to a new Medigap plan. That is not how it works in the Empire State.

How are New York’s Medigap switching rules different?

In New York, seniors and those who are Medicare-eligible must be approved for Medigap regardless of their health and whenever they apply. This means those who currently have a New York Medigap plan can also switch to another plan at any time. Most states can turn down applicants who want to switch plans if more than 6 months have passed from their Part B effective date.

New York State law specifically requires that all insurers must accept a Medicare enrollee’s application for coverage at any time throughout the year. Insurers may not deny the applicant or increase fees because of an applicant’s previous insurance claims, past medical condition, or whether the applicant is currently receiving health care services.

Steps to switch Medigap plans in New York

Step 1

Get an instant Medigap quote to see if there are less expensive plans available in your area.

Step 2

Apply online for a less expensive Medigap plan. If you do not want to apply online, you can call the team at Senior65 at 800-930-7956 and we can help you enroll right over the phone.

Step 3

Your new start date should be the first of the month following your application date.

Step 4

Wait to cancel your current Medigap plan until you have been officially processed on your new plan.

That’s it! It is pretty simple to switch plans in New York. Unfortunately, because state law requires everyone to be approved regardless of when they apply and their health, prices for Medigap can be more expensive than other states. If you need help finding a lower cost plan, please give us a call.

Note: NY Medigap policies can contain up to a six month waiting period before pre-existing conditions are covered. Waiting periods can be reduced or waived with proof of credible coverage. Contact to learn more.

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