Medigap Guaranteed Issue: CT and NY

2 States guarantee enrollment year round

by Amy De Vore+ on Aug 31, 2017 | 9 Comments

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In Connecticut and New York State, seniors are able to enroll in Medigap at anytime of the year. Each of these states handles it a little differently. Whereas most of the rest of the country only qualifies for Medigap guaranteed issue in your initial enrollment period.

Connecticut Medigap Policies

Individual Medigap plans in CT have guaranteed issuance to seniors at any time. On top of this rates cannot be varied based upon an applicant’s age, gender, or health status. However, coverage for a preexisting condition may apply if there has been a significant gap in coverage -usually for six months.

New York Medigap Policies

Individual Medigap plans in NY have guaranteed issuance for seniors at any time. In addition, seniors cannot be denied or charged any more for health status, claims experience, medical condition or whether the applicant is receiving health care services. However, a preexisting limitation may apply -usually for six months.

For any further questions about how Medigap works in your state call the number above or click here to get a Medigap quote.

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Reader Comments and Questions

By ROBERT on June 15, 2019

I am 60 years old and have been on medicare for several years with a medigap plan. I wanted to know if when I turn 65 I can switch to a cheaper policy medigap policy without having to go through underwriting. I live in Tennessee. Thanks!

Once you turn 65, this should trigger a new enrollment period where you can select a different plan without medical underwriting. Give us a call as you approach 65.
Chris from

By Richard on April 01, 2019

I’ll be moving from Massachusetts where my medigap policy is with Harvard Community Health Plan to CT...what are the rules for medigap policies when I move.. can I keep my present medigap or do I have to change... and what are the rules to do so?

Moving from Mass to CT is a unique situation. We suggest calling your current plan. You can also check our article What happens to my Medigap if I move? for more general information. If you end up applying for a new plan in CT, we can help you enroll.
-Chris from

By Patricia on November 17, 2018

Hi—I’m a 67 year old Connecticut resident. I currently am covered by a Plan G Medigap policy. I have done some research on 2019 premiums and see that a different company is offering Plan G coverage for about $60 less per month. Can I switch to the lower premium company without being asked medical questions? Also, is there a particular time of year that it must done?

Give us a call here at We can help you switch to the lower cost plan without medical review. Both NY and CT have continuous open enrollment, with guaranteed issue rights throughout the year.
-Chris at

By David on November 05, 2018

Is Maine a guaranteed-issue state for medigap policies with original Medicare? That is to say, can an individual be underwritten by a company for a policy (or charged a surcharge)? Thanks.

According to the State of Maine PFR, you have the right to change Medicare supplement plans as long as you change to a plan with the same benefits or a plan with lesser benefits, and you have never had a gap in coverage of more than 90 days.

If you fall outside the perimeters above, you will be subject to underwriting.

-Chris from

By arthur on January 06, 2018

I have a sister-in-law who had breast cancer when she was 60 years old. she went on social security disability and after two years went on Medicare and got a Medicare advantage plan. she is now 68. can she go back on regular Medicare part a and b and get a Medicare Supplement plan with guaranteed acceptance?

Typically, if she wanted to switch to a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan, the best time would have been when she turned 65. Anyone who turns both 65 and has part B, gets 6 months to select any Medigap plan without health review. Since she missed that window she would have to apply for Medigap and go through Medical underwriting.

UNLESS that is, SHE LIVES IN NY OR CT! Since they have guaranteed acceptance rules in that state, she should be able to switch to Medigap without health review. There are special times when you can disenroll in Medicare Advantage so please call us if she is thinking of moving and we can walk you through the enrollment process.
-Michelle from

By Arnold on November 06, 2017

I have UHC Medicare Advantage. I will be 70 in March. I live in CT. Can I switch to a Medigap with no health questions?

Thank you

In Connecticut, Medigap plans are available on a guaranteed issue basis at all times and rates may not vary based on an applicant’s age, gender, or health status.

A pre‐existing condition limitation may apply if an applicant has no prior creditable coverage or has experienced a gap in coverage.

Since you do not have a gap in coverage you should not be subject to a waiting period. Please give us a call and we can help you enroll right over the phone.
-Chris from Senior65

By chris on February 12, 2017

I was under the impression that when you have a qualifing special event that gives you a guaranteed issuance. But my mother was told otherwise. What is the rule ?

If you have a Medigap Special Enrollment Period, you are able to enroll in a Medigap plans without having to answer medical questions. The thing is SEPs have different rules than just guaranteed issuance, and while sometimes they may be the same, sometimes SEPs allow you to enroll in more than the handful of plans allowed by guaranteed issuance. To find out what you qualify for, call one of our Senior65 licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956.
-Amy from

By J A King on September 22, 2016

What is the third state, in addition to NY and CT mentioned above, where medigap is guaranteed to be issued at any time? Thank you

Only New York and Connecticut offer guaranteed issuance at anytime. If you need help finding a Medicare Supplement plan in your area, please contact one of our Senior65 licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956.
-Michelle from

By Joseph Morais on August 14, 2015

I'm in Suffolk County, New York and under 65, fulltime disabled. I have the "special help" for my partd coverage.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot comment on specific Medicare claims. Contact Medicare directly if you are trying to see if your issue is covered.

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