There are some states that allow switching Medigap at any time of the year. Each of these states handles it a little differently. Most of the rest of the country only qualifies for Medigap guaranteed issue during the initial enrollment period.

Connecticut Medigap Policies

Individual Medigap plans in CT have guaranteed issuance to seniors at any time. On top of this rates cannot be varied based upon an applicant’s age, gender, or health status. However, coverage for a preexisting condition may apply if there has been a significant gap in coverage -usually for six months.

New York Medigap Policies

Individual Medigap plans in NY have guaranteed issuance for seniors at any time. In addition, seniors cannot be denied or charged any more for health status, claims experience, medical condition or whether the applicant is receiving health care services. However, a preexisting limitation may apply -usually for six months.

Washington Medigap Policies

Washington allows enrollees to switch from any Medigap to any other Medigap except Plan A at any time of the year.

Maine Medigap Policies

Maine allows Medigap enrollees to switch to a plan that has the same or less benefits, at any time of the year.

For example if you have Plan F, you can switch to any other Medigap plan. Whereas if you have Plan G, you can switch to any plan except Plan G.

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