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Learn About Every Medigap Option Available

by Katie Banks+ on Jul 16, 2019 | 2 Comments

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There are a number of standardized Medigap Plans out there, around 10 and 12 depending on your state. The important thing is to understand that with the exception of the Medigap Select plans (which we don’t recommend), these are standardized plans that have the same network of doctors as Medicare.

While you may feel obligated to go over every plan available as part of your research, remember that Plans F, G, and N accounted for 77 percent of the total Medigap enrollment for good reason. To save time we recommend you check out our Medigap’s most popular plans article. 

The vast majority of all new Senior65 Medigap members are currently selecting Plan G (even though the overall percentage is significantly lower) due to the price and benefits offered. That being said, we have included links to every plan available so you can check them out for yourself. Click on any plan below to see details of what is exactly covered.

Plan A 1% of total enrollment*

Plan B 2% of total enrollment

Plan C 6% of total enrollment

Plan D 1% of total enrollment

Plan FPlan High Deductible F 55% of total enrollment

Plan G 13% of total enrollment

Plan K 1% of total enrollment

Plan L 0.5% of total enrollment

Plan M 0.5% of total enrollment

Plan N 10% of total enrollment

*Percent of total enrollment data comes from AHIP The State of Medicare 2019. These represent the total number of people who have active plans. We do not show plans that have active members but are no longer available for purchase so the number will not equal 100%.

If you live in California there are also:

Plan Innovative F and Plan F Extra

If you live in Nevada there is also:

Plan Innovative G

Get a Medigap Quote for plans or give us a call over here at Senior65.  We can help you make sense of your options and help you apply right over the phone.

There will be a new Medigap option in 2020:  Plan High Deductible G
This plan should be soon available for purchase so be sure to check with us if you decide to enroll.

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Reader Comments and Questions

By Martin on August 21, 2019

I cannot find plan K in my area. Dont the insurance companies have to offer all the plans?

There are some general regulations on which plans can be offered but basically insurance companies can choose which plans they want to sell. You will not be able to find all plans in all markets.

We can help you find the best plan for you at the minimum cost. Give us a call.
-Michelle from

By Henry on August 14, 2019

if I have plan G and that new high deductible g comes, does it mean my plan g will switch to that one automatically?

No. Plan G and Plan High Deductible G are two different Medigap options. If you are enrolled in Plan G you will continue to have it unless you decide to switch.

If you are planning on switching give us a call to help you. We never charge for our services.
-Michelle from

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