Does Medicare Cover Preventive Screenings and Tests?

Learn how Medicare covers preventive care

by Amy De Vore+ on Mar 26, 2016 | 7 Comments

Medicare does cover preventive services and screenings. We have compiled a list of screenings for Medicare enrollees. You will want to remember that some screenings and preventive services have specific guidelines to qualify for, and may have additional costs.

Does Medicare cover Preventive Services and Screenings?

Yes, it does. And, while some of the following Medicare preventive services and screenings will be covered at no cost to you, many do require you to pay your Part B deductible, copay, and coinsurance. And even some preventive services that are $0, will require you to pay out of pocket costs if the test requires a biopsy, diagnostic testing, or additional testing. Medicare costs at a glance will explain what can be owed.

List of Medicare Preventive Services and Screenings

Medicare Part B will cover all or part of the following services and screenings (remember you may owe your Part B deductible, copays, and 20% coinsurance):

Does Medigap Cover Preventive Services and Screenings?

Yes, Medigap covers preventive services and screenings. Like we said, while some preventive care above requires that you pay your Part B deductible, copays, and coinsurance -this is where Medigap kicks in. Medigap can pay all or part of these costs by covering your Part B deductible, copays, and coinsurance.

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Does Medicare Advantage Cover Preventive Services and Screenings?

Yes, Medicare Advantage does cover preventive services and screenings. But remember that some services and screenings require that you pay out of pocket -this gets a little more complicated with Medicare Advantage, because it covers services differently from one plan to another, you’ll need to research what costs you’ll pay with each plan.

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To learn more about how a Medicare Advantage plan or Medigap can limit your spending for diagnostic exams call one of our licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956.

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Reader Comments and Questions

By Maggie on March 26, 2019

Does Medicare cover for tb test, 86580 ? I billed 86582, 96372 to Medicare and received a denial " this is a non covered service because it is a routine/preventative or a diagnostic/screening procedure done in conjunction with a routine preventative exam. Billed with diagnosis code Z11.1

Our expertise here at Senior65 is Medicare insurance such as Medigap, Medicare Advantage and Part D drug coverage. We have general information about Medicare to help our future clients make an informed decision as they research supplemental insurance.

You should contact Medicare directly with claim related issues or check out their coverage page.
-Chris from

By Terry on March 15, 2019

Will Medicare Advantage pay for Life Line Screening? How do I go about paying or reimbursement?

Coverage on Medicare Advantage plans can vary so your best bet is to contact your plan directly.

-Chris from

By John on June 20, 2018

I had an endoscopy and a biopsy that showed cancer cells in my esophagus and had it removed. Now i will need follow up endoscopy's to watch for any further detection. Pet scan showed nothing but the surgeons believe the root is elsewhere. I am 69 years old. Will medicare cover the cost of these test.

Senior65 offers general information on how Medicare works so our clients can be informed when selecting Medicare supplemental insurance. Please contact Medicare directly for specific claim issues.
-Eric from

By Cindy on December 03, 2017

Hi. I signed up for Medicare part B and Medigap plan F about six months ago. During that time, in October, I had only one 20-minute visit with my PCP at Scripps -- for travel meds and my flu shot. I wonder, based on the information above, about the two letters I have received from Part B and Anthem that say I have no coverage of this visit (not too surprising that travel not covered by B but thought Medigap did) and that includes the flu shot for which I am now charged over $150. That short visit, where the doc did nothing but prescribe travel meds he could have ordered over the phone, now totals $600 (incl. flu shot).

We are as perplexed with this bill as you are. Medicare clearly covers flu shots. You can see it directly on Medicare's website here:
Based on the information you shared, you should have not been charged $600. If you enrolled in your Medigap plan F through our Senior65 website then we would be listed as your agent of record. That would allow us to legally help you looks into this matter further. If so, give us a call. If not, call your agent to help you with this matter.
-Michelle from

Just to clarify - your Medigap plan does not cover any drugs at the pharmacy. That precipitation should fall under your part D drug coverage.

By Joanne Renda on March 17, 2017

Does Medicare cover endoscopy and colonoscopy?

Medicare does cover colonoscopies, however, if the test needs to be diagnostic or if you need an endoscopy it will have out of pocket costs. Always check with Medicare about your costs before any service.

If you need help finding a Medigap plan to fill in the gaps of the non-covered costs, call one of our Senior65 licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956.
-Michelle from

By Michael Canel on April 06, 2016

I need a diagnostic colonoscopy and I want to cover the costs. I'm not 65, yet. But will be before my colonoscopy (took forever to get it scheduled). Will Medigap cover the costs?

Medigap covers diagnostic colonoscopy, by paying all or part of your Part B coinsurance. To learn more about Medigap plans, call one of our licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956.
-Michelle from

By Barbara on March 31, 2016

Do you get all the screenings during your annual physical?

Surprisingly, Medicare does not cover an annual physical, however it does cover an annual Medicare Wellness exam. During the latter, you will get some of the screenings and preventive tests, but remember service is performed on a specific schedule, based on your health and health risks.
-Chris from

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