Missouri Medigap Anniversary Rule

Learn how to switch your Medigap plan under the MO Anniversary rule

by Amy De Vore+ on Oct 02, 2015 | 2 Comments

Missouri has a thing called the “Anniversary Rule” which allows Medigap enrollees to switch plans each year. We know it sounds like the “Medigap Birthday Rule”, but it’s different, we promise. Let us explain how Missouri’s Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Anniversary rule works.

How Does the Missouri Medigap Anniversary Rule Work?

This is how the Missouri Medigap Anniversary Rule works for those who have a Medigap plan and are a current resident of Missouri:

  • You must switch your plan during the 30 days before your policy’s expiration date (ie. your expiration date is 9/30, you can switch between 9/1 and 9/30)
  • You want to switch to a Medigap plan from another company with EQUAL benefits (ie. switch from Company X’s Medigap F to Company Y’s Medigap F), guaranteed enrollment, no medical underwriting. Or
  • You want to switch to a Medigap plan with LESSER benefits you may have to undergo medical underwriting (answer medical questions)Or
  • You want to switch to a Medigap plan with MORE benefits you will have to undergo medical underwriting
  • Here are the Medigap Plans you can switch to

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Does Missouri Medigap have a Birthday Rule?

No. Missouri only has the Medicare Supplement Anniversary rule, not the Medigap Birthday Rule. States that have the Birthday Rule are California and Oregon. In these states, you can switch to any plan of equal or lesser value in the 30 days following your birthday and have guaranteed enrollment without having to undergo medical underwriting; in addition, you can apply up to 30 days before your birthday.

Why is Missouri’s Anniversary Rule Beneficial?

Missouri’s Medigap Anniversary Rule is beneficial to Missourians because you can choose a Medigap plan each year that has the best price. Remember that all Medigap plans are federally standardized. So in Missouri, you don’t need to look up how historically a plan increases its rate each year before committing to a plan, but rather the rate that is best for you each year.

For further questions about Missouri Medigap plans call a Senior65 agent at 800-930-7956.

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Reader Comments and Questions

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By Amanda on April 01, 2016

Can I switch from High Deductible F to regular F as Guarantee issue???

The Missouri Medicare Supplement Anniversary rule states you can only switch your plan to another of equal or lesser benefits. High F has the least amount of benefits, according to standardization, and therefore you would only be able to switch to another High F plan without answering medical questions.
-Chris from https://www.senior65.com/

By Nancy C Wilson on October 06, 2015

You are the first company to explain this. Thank you!!! Just to clarify, if I buy a Medigap plan in Missouri and the price goes up, I can switch to another company without Medical review?

Yes, you can switch to another Medigap plan without answering medical questions but ONLY if that plan has equal benefits.
-Chris from https://www.senior65.com/

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