Missouri has an option called the “Anniversary Rule” which allows Medigap enrollees to switch plans each year. We know it sounds like the “Medigap Birthday Rule“, but it is slightly different. Let us explain how Missouri’s Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Anniversary rule works.

How Does the Missouri Medigap Anniversary Rule Work?

This is how the Missouri Medigap Anniversary Rule works for those who have a Medigap plan and are  current residents of Missouri:

  • You must switch your carrier 30 days before and 30 days after your policy’s annual anniversary date. (Source)
  • You must switch to a Medigap plan from another company with EQUAL benefits (ie. switch from Company X’s Medigap G to Company Y’s Medigap G).

If you fulfill the two requirements above you are guaranteed enrollment on a new plan with no medical underwriting

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Note: If you want to switch to a Medigap plan with LESSER or MORE benefits you will often have to undergo medical underwriting (answer medical questions) before approval.

Check out our Ultimate Medicare Switching Guide to learn all your Medigap switching options.

Does Missouri Medigap have a Birthday Rule?

No. Missouri only has the Medicare Supplement Anniversary rule, which is technically not the same as the Medigap Birthday Rule. Some states have Medigap birthday rules which allow residents to switch to Medigap plans in a period following their birthday without having to undergo medical underwriting.  The Anniversary Rule, on the other hand, is not based on the date of your birth but rather on your first enrollment date in Medigap.

Why is Missouri’s Anniversary Rule Beneficial?

Missouri’s Medigap Anniversary Rule is beneficial to Missourians because you can choose a Medigap plan each year that has the best price.  So in Missouri, you don’t need to look up how historically a plan increases its rate each year before committing to a plan, but rather the rate that is best for you each year. If your plan’s monthly premium increases in the future, you can use the Mo Anniversary Rule to switch to the same plan with a lower-cost competitor.

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