Our northernmost state, Maine, is one of the states in the USA that allows its citizens to switch Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans whenever they want. In most other states, they require you to switch Medigap plans only during a certain time window or you are required to go through Medical underwriting before you are approved for a new Medigap plan.

In Maine, you don't have to answer health questions when switching plans
Avoid filling out exhausting health forms when switching plans

How is Maine different when it comes to Medigap switching?

In Maine, your health status and preexisting conditions do not matter when it comes to getting approved for a new Medigap plan. As we explained above, this is different than how it works in most other states. Other states have a very small window for approval without answering health questions on the application.

If you currently have a Medigap plan, you can also switch at any time in Maine with guaranteed approval on a new Medigap plan. There are two important restrictions to this switching rule:

  1. Your new Maine Medigap plan must have the same or fewer benefits than the one you are leaving. For example, if you have Plan F you can definitely switch to Plan G since the latter has fewer benefits, covering the Part B deductible not covered under G. However, you would not be able to switch from Plan G to Plan F since F offers more benefits than G.
  2. You must never have had a gap in coverage that supplements Medicare of more than 90 days since your initial Open Enrollment Period.

Steps to switch Medigap plans in Maine

Step 1

Get an instant Medigap quote to see if there are less expensive plans available in your area of Maine. Only look at plans with equal or fewer benefits.

Step 2

Apply online for a less expensive Maine Medigap plan. If you do not want to apply online, you can call the team at Senior65.com at 800-930-7956 and we can help you enroll right over the phone. Your new start date should be the first of the month following your application date.

Step 3

Wait to cancel your current Medigap plan until you have been officially processed on your new plan.

What about switching from Medicare Advantage to Medigap in Maine?

Maine also has one other interesting rule when it comes to switching. If you first enrolled in Medicare Advantage, you have three years to switch to Medigap without underwriting. This is a much longer period compared to the usual one year in all other states. You can learn more about the Maine Medicare Advantage Trial Rule here.

Isn’t Maine a Guaranteed Issue Medigap State?

Maine offers Guaranteed issue Medigap only for Plan A. If you are buying a Medicare Supplement policy in ME and you are not in your initial open enrollment period, Plan A may still be available to you. Each insurance provider must offer a one-month guaranteed issue period each year when anyone will be approved on Medigap Plan A regardless of health issues. This only applies to Plan A . Contact Senior65.com to find out more about when each insurance provider offers this. (Source)

What does No Health Questions at Any Time mean?

Most states that allow for plan switching without underwriting, require that you must do so within 30 to 60 days of your birthday or during a specific month. Maine says you can switch Medigap plans at anytime with no health questions asked as long as you move to a plan with the same or fewer benefits. Your new plan usually begins the first of the month following your application. Call Senior65.com at 800-930-756 if you want to switch Medigap plans.

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