If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan you have a right to switch to a Medigap Plan (Medicare Supplement) without health review under certain limited circumstances. Normally you have a one year Medicare Advantage trial period after which you can dis-enroll and purchase a Medigap Plan. In Maine, this trial period is three years long.

How does the Maine Medicare Advantage 3 year Trial Period work?

If you enroll in Medicare Advantage during your six-month open enrollment period, beginning when you first enroll in Medicare Part B, and then switch to original Medicare Part A and Part B within three years, you have the right to buy any Medicare supplement plan of your choice as long as you buy it within 90 days after your Medicare Advantage coverage ends.

Next Steps

Now that you know this great rule exists, it’s time to enroll! You can get a Medigap quote here. If you are looking for a Medicare Advantage Plan, please give us a call at 1-800-930-7956 and we can help you enroll (or switch!).