Here is a Senior65 quick “cheat sheet” to learn how your Medigap plan works when you go to the doctor. We know how confusing the transition can be, but the good news is there’s a simple answer to how Medicare Supplement (Medigap) is applied when you see your doctor.

Medigap Doctor Network

Any doctor that accepts the Medicare assignment will accept your Medigap plan. This means you can access the largest network of doctors in the nation.

Medigap Doctor “Expanded” Network

If your doctor agrees to see you, but does not accept Medicare assignment, Medigap plans F and G will cover the “excess charges” you would typically have to pay out of pocket. Click here to learn about Medigap F and F Excess Charges coverage.

Medigap Doctor Deductible

Medicare Part B charges an annual deductible of $203, before paying for doctor visits. If you have Medigap C or F, your Medigap plan will pay for this deductible. Click here to see a side by side comparison of Medigap plans.

Medigap Doctor Fees

Even if your doctor accepts Medicare assignment, Medicare still makes you pay for 20% of all doctor visits and services, as well as, additional copays. Most Medigap plans, however, will cover 100% of these fees, so you’ll pay nothing. To learn more about your Medicare out of pocket costs check out our article: Medicare costs at a glance.

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