Medicare Supplement Plans G and F are the front-runners for most Medicare-eligible persons. Why is this when there are other plans that cover similar benefits but may cost less? There’s one main reason, and that’s excess charges.

What are Part B Excess Charges?

Excess Charges are charges that can be accrued when you see a provider who does not accept assignment. You can be charged up to 15% more than the approved Medicare cost.

Only Plan F and G cover excess charges.

Why Choose Medigap Plan F or G?

Excess charges. Okay, we know we sound like a broken record, but those costs can really add up. But, of course, these plans cover much more than just excess charges. Plan F covers all the benefits offered by Medigap, and Plan G covers all but one benefit -the Part B deductible. But to understand why excess charge coverage is so important here are two examples:

    1) Some facilities and doctors don’t accept assignment. If this is the best care available, you don’t want to worry about extra costs when you’re worried about your health.
    2) If you’re hospitalized, you many times do not have a choice on the doctor you see, and that doctor may not accept assignment.

Compare Plan F and G.

Other Plans are cheaper than F and G. Why not Those?

We are not saying that in some cases other plans might fit more into your monthly budget better than Plan F or G, but with the nickel and diming that can happen from copays, coinsurance, excess charges, and deductibles, you can end up shelling out a lot more than you planned each year. You can compare Medigap plans side by side to see their coverage, to get a further understanding of each plan.

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