Many of our clients want to know if their Medigap plan offers any coverage for vision or dental. It’s actually broken up into routine care and serious emergencies/issues. The quick answer is sometimes Medigap covers your dental and vision, and sometimes it doesn’t. We’ll explain below.

Medigap and Vision Care

While Medigap will cover cataract surgery costs , or serious vision issues, most vision care (eye exams, glasses, contacts) is not covered by Medigap. For routine care, you can get a stand alone vision plan.

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Medigap and Dental Care

Neither Medicare nor Medigap cover routine dental care such as teeth cleaning, fillings and tooth extractions. However, there is coverage for emergency oral surgery that takes place in the hospital. Medigap can cover your Part A deductible and coinsurance.

How to Get SeniorDental and Vision

If you do not already have stand-alone dental or vision, you can enroll in a plan at any time. You may also want to consider a bundled dental and vision plan which sometimes saves you money.