Cataracts happen when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, resulting in blurry vision. This condition worsens with age, and can be very uncomfortable. There is surgery available, but since Original Medicare does not cover most general eye care, many wonder if Medicare covers cataract surgery.

Does Medicare Cover Cataract Surgery?

Original Medicare does cover cataract surgery. However, your doctor may recommend you get services that Medicare does not cover or that you get services more frequently than what Medicare covers. If this is the case, you may be required to pay part or all of the costs.

How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost?

Like we said, Medicare’s coverage of cataract surgery can be complicated. Since cataract surgery can be done both as inpatient and outpatient surgery, every patient has specific surgical needs and even aftercare varies, there isn’t a hard and fast cost breakdown. Nevertheless, if you have certain Medigap plans you won’t need to worry about the out of pocket costs.

Does Medigap Cover Cataract Surgery?

Medigap plans do cover cataract surgery. Remember, Medigap plans fill in the gaps of Original Medicare. If you think you might need cataract surgery, you should compare Medigap plans.

Does Medicare Advantage Cover Cataract Surgery?

Yes, Medicare Advantage does cover cataract surgery. But to add to the confusion, one of the cons of Medicare Advantage is they vary in coverage, therefore each plan can cover the surgery differently AND does not need to offer the same coverage as Original Medicare.

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