Medicare Open Enrollment 2019

Medicare's Annual Open Enrollment Explained

by Amy De Vore+ on May 30, 2018

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Medicare’s 2019 Annual Election Period (also known as Open Enrollment) starts on October 15th and ends on Dec 7th.

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What is Open Enrollment 2019?

During Open Enrollment Medicare you can switch your Part D or Medicare Advantage (MA) plan.

Since MA or drug plans can change drug coverage lists each year, this is a good time to shop to make sure you have the best plan.  Your Medicare Advantage plan can also change their network of doctors and facilities, change they way they cover a medical service, and/or drop additional benefits like dental, vision, and hearing. Now is the time to switch.

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When is Medicare’s 2019 Open Enrollment?

Medicare’s Open Enrollment is October 15 -December 7. The effective date of the plan will always be January 1st.

Doesn’t Medigap have an Open Enrollment for 2019?

No.  Medigap doesn’t have an Open Enrollment. You can switch from one Medigap plan to another during this time but you will have to answering medical questions. Additionally if you want to switch from Medicare Advantage to Medigap you will also have to answer medical questions unless you qualify for special enrollment.

That being said, if you plan on moving from MA to Medigap, this is the best time to do it as you can disenroll in MA and start your Medigap on Jan 1. Call us for help with this one at 800-930-7956

Can I Switch My Drug or MA plan outside of Open Enrollment?

The answer is maybe. If you moved out of your plan’s area or your plan mislead you, you can switch. For most others, you can’t, unless you qualify for the Medicare 5-star rule. This is if your MA or drug plan is not rated 5 stars, but you find a 5 star plan available in your area, you can switch anytime of the year.  If you would like help finding a 5-star plan call our licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956.

Still want more information about open enrollment? Check out our Open Enrollment Toolbox below:

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