MA Open Enrollment is for people unhappy with their current plan

Medicare Advantage (MA) has an Open Enrollment period each year from January 1st through March 31st. Senior65 can help you switch Medicare Advantage plans during this time.

This period is different than the end-of-the-year (and often advertised) Annual Election Period Open Enrollment.

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment is really designed for those who are unhappy with their current MA plan. You have two options during this period.

1. Switch to a different Medicare Advantage Plan

If you switch MA plans during this period, you are guaranteed to be approved on any new Medicare Advantage plan. Your new coverage will start the first of the month following your application submission date. Senior65 can help you compare MA plan benefits, doctor networks and drug coverage. If we find a better plan for you, we can help you switch coverage during this period at no charge to you.

2. Quit Medicare Advantage

You can also use the MA Open Enrollment to leave Medicare Advantage altogether and return to Original Medicare. Doing so would trigger the right to enroll in a Medicare Part D Prescription drug plan.

You could also purchase a Medicare Supplement (AKA Medigap) plan during this time, but approval is not guaranteed in most states. Insurance providers usually require that you go through medical underwriting (answering health questions on the application) prior to approval. We usually recommend that you apply for Medigap first and, if approved, then terminate your MA plan. Call us and we can explain the process, review Medigap quotes, and ensure you get the switching timing right.

Who cannot use MA Open Enrollment?

If you don’t currently have a Medicare Advantage plan then you cannot use this MA Open Enrollment plan. You also CANNOT use MA Open Enrollment to switch drug plans or Medigap plans.

Next Steps for MA Open Enrollment

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, however, and want to change your plan or leave MA, call us to discuss at 800-930-7956. Remember, MA Open Enrollment Period ends on March 31.