Does Medicare Cover Glasses?

Learn which Medicare Health Plan covers the cost of glasses

by Ray Wilson+ on Jun 24, 2015 | 7 Comments

Medicare covers a lot of medical services, but there are items and services that are partially or not covered at all by Original Medicare. Glasses and vision coverage become important as we age, and while Medicare may cover some medically necessary vision issues, most people don’t know if Medicare covers glasses and contacts..

Does Medicare Cover Glasses?

While Medicare partially covers some vision issues like cataract surgery and macular degeneration, and one pair of glasses or contacts after cataract surgery, Medicare does not general vision glasses and contacts.

Does Medigap Cover Glasses?

Medigap will fill in the cost gaps of Original Medicare’s coverage of cataract surgery, the cost of one pair of glasses or contacts after the surgery, and other serious vision issues, but it does not cover general vision coverage or glasses and contacts.

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Does Medicare Advantage cover Glasses?

Medicare Advantage plans may offer additional coverage for glasses and contacts. You’ll want to research each plan to see if they offer this as an extra.

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Reader Comments and Questions

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By James on June 30, 2018

I have a I injury from when I was a child an had to stay in hospital 4 month to repair it back then.. as iv grown older I’m a diabetic an my eye site is weakling from such .. iv seen the Dr An he says I have glaucoma in that eye An it’s working off my other I .. I have to use drop for the rest of my life... An I need glasses which I cannot afford an they keep saying Medicare or my Medicade will not cover .. I think that is so unfair knowing as we get older that’s when we need our insurance coverage more as our eye site an hearing wreaking an the cost is way more than we can afford I need glasses to fix my eye site an I can’t even afford them I need help.

By B van meter on January 30, 2017

I had cataract surgery in 2014 and although my ophthalmalogist said I didn't really need glasses for the minute changes, I was given a script but chose not to fill it. Having had a recent follow up, there is a slight change from the original 2014 script and I now wish to fill the script and get glasses. Query: will Medicare cover my glasses or any part thereof inasmuch as I never acquired glasses after my initial cataract surgery?

You will want to contact Medicare directly to see if they will honor a three year old script. If not, we can help you find a vision plan. Call one of our Senior65 licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956
-Amy from

By Linda heroy on May 22, 2016

Does Medicare plan f cover glasses or contacts

Medigap will only cover one pair of glasses if you have Medicare approved cataract surgery. Otherwise, routine vision care is covered by separate vision or combined senior dental and vision insurance.
-Chris from

By Rose on April 07, 2016

Does Medicare pay for special glassed that is needed for double vision?

Generally speaking Medicare doesn't pay for glasses, but it some cases, such as Medicare may cover glasses after cataract surgery, and yours may be one of those cases. Due to the specificity of your situation, you will want to contact your eye doctor and Medicare to find out if you're covered.
-Michelle from

By Amy Ulin on July 21, 2015

What other types of serious vision coverage does Medicare cover? I have diabetes and I'm worried about my vision.

Medicare partially covers certain diabetic vision issues, if you qualify, such as a yearly exam for diabetic retinopathy. However, if you call us at 800-930-7956 with your specific vision issues we can look up how you are covered.
-Michelle from

By Josie T on July 09, 2015

I get new contacts every year, not because my vision changes, but because my set needs to be replaced. Do you think I should get a vision plan? Sometimes it seems i would pay more for the premium than I paid for the contacts directly.

Good question. We don't suggest that it makes sense for everyone to get a vision plan. Remember, you have to weigh your premium against what the plan offers. So, if your out of pocket costs are more than the what you would receive, it probably would not make sense for you to choose a vision plan.
-Chris from

By Perry on June 30, 2015

So only ma plans cover glasses? I thought some medigap plans include them.

Good questions. It is important to remember that only some Medicare Advantage plans offer vision coverage. As for Medigap plans, we've seen some companies bundle vision and dental into Medigap plans BUT they are not part of Medigap plan, they are stand-alone plans bundled into ONE price (usually adding in the additional costs). So it's basically like adding on a dental or vision plan onto any Medigap plan. Hope this helps.
-Jacima from

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