You can apply for Blue Shield of California Medicare Supplement (Medigap) online. Here is the direct link to the Blue Shield online application. Quotes are provided within the application. Below are 7 things you should know about the application.

1) Easy Online Medigap Application

Blue Shield of CA is one the the few Medigap plans that you can purchase by applying online. Most other applications for Medigap are paper and take awhile to fill out and mail in. You can now click a few buttons and can apply for coverage in less than 7 minutes using your computer. Online applications are not only fast, but they are also more accurate so your application will be processed faster. If you need help during the application, an agent can assist you over the phone.

Learn More about Medigap Get a Medigap Quote

2) Married Couples Get a Discount

If you and your spouse sign up for the same Medigap plan you will receive a discount each month. This discount varies by plan but it can be a substantial savings. *Domestic partnerships may also be considered eligible.

3) “Easy Pay” Saves You Money

All applicants who select to have their monthly premium deducted automatically (called Easy Pay) will save $3 each month. Just select this option during the online application. Hey, Every bit counts.

4) Don’t Forget “Welcome to Medicare” Savings

Blue Shield of California offers a $25 savings each month for your first year of coverage. To qualify, you must be 65 or older, and Blue Shield must receive your application within six (6) months of the date you first enrolled for benefits under Medicare Part B. This discount is not available for High Deductible Plan F, Plan K or Plan N.

5) Over 65 Pays Less Than Younger Folks

Yes. It’s rare that older people pay less for health care but in this case it’s true. So if you are 64, your price will be much higher someone who is already 65. Those under 65 who are early shopping should adjust the date of birth to see what the price is for a 65 year old to get an accurate measure.

6) Blue Shield is easy to Switch

Blue Shield has an extended Special Enrollment to allow you to switch without answering medical questions. Here are the usual Medigap switching rules.

7) Save with your Dental Plan

If you enroll in a Blue Shield Dental Plan at the same time as your Medigap plan, you will save an additional $3. Get a dental quote here.

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