Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Special Enrollment Period Extended

Blue Shield of California extends its Medigap Special Enrollment Period until December

by Ray Wilson+ on Jun 18, 2017 | 3 Comments

Blue Shield of California is allowing anyone with a current Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policy to switch to Blue Shield without answering medical questions or waiting periods until December 31, 2017. This is called a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

Who Qualifies for BSCA Special Enrollment

The following qualify for the Blue Shield of California Medicare Supplement Special Enrollment Period:

  • California Resident; AND
  • Currently enrolled in a Medigap plan; AND
  • Want to transfer to Blue Shield of CA

What Do I Need to Do to Switch to a Blue Shield Medigap Plan?

To switch from another company to Blue Shield or to switch between Blue Shield plans without having to answer medical question you need to do the following:

  • Transfer to any Blue Shield of CA Medigap plan with equal or lesser benefits
  • Must be done by December 31, 2017

You do not need to answer medical questions nor do you have a waiting period to switch to Blue Shield CA during this period

Why Would I Want to Switch to Blue Shield?

You may want to switch if Blue Shield of CA’s Medigap plan monthly premium is less expensive than your current plan.

Get a Medigap Quote and Apply for Blue Shield Medigap

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Reader Comments and Questions

By Pete on November 21, 2016

What is the waiting period for a pre-existing condition if I enroll in a Medigap Plan F?

If you enroll during your initial enrollment period or a Special Enrollment Period, you shouldn't have a waiting period. In rare occasions waiting period are in effect, and it usually is up to 6 months.
-Michelle from

By Cam Nguyen on October 22, 2016

I currently have Blue Shield High Deductible Plan F. Can I switch over to Regular Plan F anytime (e.g. now) or must wait for my birthday in 2017? My health is has been very good. Thank you.

The Birthday Rule and the Blue Shield Medigap SEP only applies to plans of equal or lesser benefits. Since you have High F you can only switch to another High F without going through medical underwriting. Click here to see a chart of which CA Medigap plans you can switch to.

Of course, you can apply at anytime for a new Medigap plan, but you can denied or charged more if you have preexisting conditions.
-Amy from

By Bryan on March 25, 2016

This is wonderful news! But I just want to clarify, I have a Medigap Plan F from another company. I enrolled in it in August of last year. Can i enroll in Blue Shield at anytime, and not have to wait my for my birthday rule? The reason I want to is, it will save me more than $20 a month if I switch now.

We love that you're just as excited about this as we are. And, you are correct. You will not have to answer medical questions or wait until you're eligible for the California Medigap Birthday rule to enroll in a Blue Shield plan. Please call one of our licensed independent insurance agents at 800-930-7956, and we can help you apply.
-Chris from

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