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by Senior 65+ on Apr 18, 2018 | 4 Comments

Recently we received the following message similar to others we have received over the years.  We though we would post our exchange to give everyone a better understanding of Who is Senior65 and how we work.


    “Hi Senior65!

    Of course I am being flooded with Medicare advice and offers right now, and I while I am pretty sure I want Plan G Medigap coverage, I am not sure about the best companies, reliability, stability of prices, etc.

    How does Senior65 make money? I know you don’t provide insurance, so do you act as traditional agents for the insurance companies? Do you earn commissions on those coverages? Are commissions the same for all companies?

    Charlotte, NC


Hello David,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sure you are being bombarded in every direction and we know how overwhelming the transition to Medicare can be!

Senior65.com is made up of our small group of licensed independent agents.  We are not captive to one insurance carrier.  We are appointed with several of the top Medicare insurance providers such as AARP United Health, Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, HealthNet, Humana, Mutual of Omaha, etc in over 40 states.

While there is NEVER A CHARGE or HIDDEN FEE passed on to our customers, we do receive commissions directly from insurance providers if we help you enroll in a plan. Each insurance provider sets their own commission amounts -  although, due to the regulated nature of Medicare supplemental insurance, commissions do not vary much from carrier to carrier.  Senior65 strives to provide you with a transparent experience and we guarantee the lowest prices allowed by law.

Helping people understand their Medicare options and making informed decisions is our strength.  We have access to the insurance providers price structure and rate increases to help with this process.  We have simple guiding principal: We never recommend a plan to a client that we wouldn’t recommend to a family member.


If your find our tools and articles helpful and consider enrolling in a plan using our serves.  It is at no cost to you and each person that uses our services allows us to grow and expand our site. To work with our Senior65.com team, please contact us at 800-930-7956.

Thank you so much for visiting and we hope to earn your business in the near future!

-Eric and the entire Senior65 team!

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Reader Comments and Questions

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By Linda on March 15, 2019

Hello, I will be 65 in February 2020 and my husband is almost a year younger. I plan on signing up for Medicare but keeping my job and good health insurance until at least he turns 65. My question is can I get free Medicare when I decide to retire if I only have 39 quarters of Social Security (I am a teacher with a pension for the past 22 years)? I wasn’t sure if I could use my husband’s, as I have read, if I will be turning 65 before him. Thank you

Hello Linda,
Here is our understanding of how Medicare enrollment works. If your spouse is over 62 and has at least 40 quarters of social security "credits", you should qualify on your spouse's record to enroll in Medicare at no charge for Part A.

Hope that helps! If after enrolling in Medicare A and B, you learn you want to enroll in supplemental coverage, please contact us and we can help you apply at no cost to you.
-Chris from Senior65.com

By Gerald on August 21, 2018

Hi my spouse will be 65 on November 1st 2018. She has her Medicare card already with an effective date of October 1st 2018. We have been told it is OK to apply for Medigap ahead of her initial enrollment window but I am not sure about that as the requirements are very adamant that you must be 65 and have your Part B Medicare effective. This is a bit confusing for my spouse as her effective Medicare date is October 1st which is one month before her actual birthday of November 1st. Please tell me when is her initial open enrollment period precisely? She has no pressing need to apply for it early as we have retiree insurance that acts as a Medicare supplement. Can she apply for Medigap on October 1st so that it becomes active January 1st of next year? We could drop the retiree insurance for next year and pick up the Medigap that way Sincerely, Gerald

For those born of the first of the month, like your wife, their Medicare Part B usually begins the first of the previous month.

As part of her Medigap Initial enrollment period, she can apply up to 3 months before her part B effective date and up to 6 months after. You can check out our Medicare Deadline Calculator here.

So yes should could apply for Medigap in October 2018 and request a January 1, 2019 start date.

Please give us a call and we can help her research and enroll in a plan.
-Chris from Senior65.com

By Leo on May 20, 2018

I am 75 years old. I have had Medicare Advantage plans since age 65. We are retired. Our income is fixed but I take what we need from my IRA to pay mortgage, car payment, etc. I had kidney cancer. My right kidney was removed. That took care of that. I have recently had metastatic prostate cancer but am in solid remission. I take one expensive drug (Zytiga) ad I do go for monthly chemo injections control progesterone . I'd like to move to a Medigap program (possibly F,C or G in that order). My question is...if I wait until this Fall's Selection Period what are my chances of being accepted into a Medigap plan? We have Florida Blues Medicare Advantage now and their Part D drug plan. The Blues are a good company buy we are being "deductibled" and "Copayed" to death.

Here is a good article on switching from Medicare Advantage to Medigap . It explains when you can switch plans. Unfortunately unless you have a special election period (like moving out of your area), you will have to go through Medical review before approved on Medigap.
-Michelle from Senior65.com

By Sarah on May 20, 2018

Just an FYI to readers - Medicare has very strict rules regarding agents and brokers who sell Medigap and Medicare Advantage. As I understand it (from Medicare.gov), all agents are prohibited from charging for services relating to the sale of these products. Medicare also prohibits agents/brokers from coming to your home without your invitation. When I was approaching 65 and in the "getting bombarded" stage, an agent I'd never even heard of showed up unannounced at my home at dinner time. He said he knew I getting close to Medicare eligibility and wanted to help me. (Baloney, the guy wanted a commission!) I told him to get lost. In hindsight, I should have asked for his card and told him I'd call him later, then reported him to Medicare.

Thanks for that heads-up. Unfortunately there are a few agents out there that are unscrupulous. We are sorry you had a negative experience with this agent who was obviously breaking the law.
Senior65 is a license independent agency that never charges for our services. We do not buy or sell leads and we never cold call or show up at your house uninvited!!!!

We believe in providing easy-to-use online tools, posting useful advice on our website, and providing you access to our agents when you are ready. We receive a commission if we help you enroll in a plan but we will never pressure you to buy supplemental coverage.

To learn more about an agent's role and what they can (and cannot) do, take Sarah's advice above and visit www.medicare.gov. To speak to one of our agents, call 800-930-7956.
-Eric from Senior65.com

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