Almost 65 and looking into a Medicare Supplement policy, AKA Medigap? One of your first questions probably is which doctors can I see. Let us explain the Medigap network of doctors and healthcare facilities.

Medigap Network of Doctors/Hosptials

Medigap plans work as a supplement to Original Medicare, and therefore have the largest network of doctors and hospitals nationwide. If your doctor does not choose Medicare assignment but allows for you to see them, the doctor can only charge 15% more than Medicare’s negotiated rate. If this charge is done at a doctor’s office, this Part B excess charge is covered at 100% by three Medigap plans: F, High-F, and G.

You don’t need to compare Medigap plans by network, as they all have the same, unless you choose a Medigap SELECT plan. In that case, you’ll want to confirm your network.

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