With all the information out about health care for seniors and those who are Medicare eligible,  it can be hard to figure what is the right information for you. Here are four things you should know.

With Medicare you still have to pay for treatment

With Original Medicare, you still have to pay copays, deductibles and coinsurance.  You may have to pay for the first three pint of blood or foreign travel emergency should you need medical help while on Medicare.  A Medigap policy can help some or all of these costs.

Skilled Nursing Requires Hospital Stay.

If you need skilled nursing but were not admitted to a hospital, Medicare will usually not pay for your skilled nursing costs.  Learn more how Medicare handles skilled nursing here.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are a good thing

You can request that Electronic Health Records (EHRs) be shared with all of your doctors. According to CMS, healthcare facilities that use and share EHRs lower chances of duplicate tests, medical errors, and improve overall health, by giving the most up-to-date information.

Medicare’s Blue Button helps you track records

You can use Medicare’s Blue Button to keep track of your own records. Not only is important to keep your own records, but if your doctor or your emergency hospital doesn’t us EHRs then you are able to email your records at anytime.

Any Questions?
If you have any questions about purchasing additional Medicare insurance, call the number above or contact Senior65.