IL, ID and NV all Pass new Medigap Switching Laws for 2022

Idaho, Illinois, and Nevada have all enacted new legislation which allows Medigap policyholders to switch plans without any medical underwriting.

People who have Medigap plans, will be able to switch their current plans each year, around the time of their birthday anniversaries. We, here at, refer to these new laws as “Medigap birthday rules” since they allow you to switch your plan around the month of your birth.

You can switch medicare plans using the birthday rule.
If you have recently had a birthday you may qualify for the Medicare “Birthday Rule”

What does the New Birthday Rule Mean to you?

For those with Medigap plans, the new rule will provide a framework for switching plans on a guaranteed-issue basis. In the past, Medigap clients could not switch to a competitor’s plan without having to go through medical underwriting. So, those with pre-existing conditions were at risk of being turned down and would have been stuck in their current plan.

If you live in a state with a birthday rule you will be able to switch plans without Medical underwriting by exercising the birthday rule. Learn more about the Medigap Birthday Rule in other states.

Not living in IL, ID, or NV? No problem: See all the states that have Medigap birthday rules.

Illinois Medigap Birthday Rule

In Illinois, the new birthday rule went into effect on Jan 1st, 2022, and works a little differently. The regulation allows Medigap clients, ages 65 through 75, to have 45-day annual open enrollment period after their birthday. Policyholders must stay with their current insurance provider and can switch to a plan of equal or lesser benefits than their current plan. This is great for anyone who has an expensive Plan F and wants to switch to plan G. Source

Idaho Medigap Birthday Rule

The new Idaho birthday rule will go into effect on March 1, 2022. Beginning on the policyholder’s birthday, they will have a 63-day window to switch plans. The new coverage must have equal or lesser benefits than their current plan. A Medigap policyholder may change insurers or downgrade to another plan with their existing carrier. Source

Nevada Birthday Rule

In Nevada, the new birthday rule went into effect on January 1, 2022. It provides, a 60-day plan switching period, which starts on the first day of a Medigap policyholder’s birth month. Consumers may switch their plan to one with equal or lesser benefits as their current plan. They may stay with their existing carrier or change to a new one, without any medical underwriting. Innovative plans, which include dental, vision, hearing, and gym memberships must not be considered when determining whether benefits are equal or lesser. Source

How to switch plans using the Medigap Insurance Birthday Rule

  1. Review the rules above or visit our Ultimate Medigap Switching Guide to find out when to apply (hint it is usually right after your birthday!)
  2. Get an instant Medigap quote here to identify a new plan you want to switch to.
  3. Enroll for Medigap Online here or give us a call at at 800-930-7956
  4. Enjoy your new plan. Questions, ask us below or give us a call!