Original Medicare cost are subject to change:  See below for cost information:

Medicare Part A: Costs

Medicare Part A covers hospitalization. Here is what you’ll pay:

  • Premium: $0 for most people, but if you don’t qualify for a $0 premium it will cost you $505*
  • Deductible: $1,632 (for each benefit period)
  • Hospitalization Coinsurance Days 1-60: $0
  • Hospitalization Coinsurance Days 61-90: $408 per day
  • Hospitalization Coinsurance 60 Lifetime Reserve Days: $816 per day
  • Hospitalization Costs after reserve days: 100% of costs
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance Days 1-20: $0
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance Days 21-100: $204 per day
  • Hospice Care: $0*
  • Home Health Care: $0**
  • Max Out of Pocket Costs: Unlimited

*If you or you spouse has not worked for a minimum of ten periods at a job that pays into Social Security, you may be responsible for the premium.

**There may be additional durable equipment costs and/or respite care costs.

Medicare Part B  Costs

Medicare Part B covers day to day care. These are your costs for 2016:

  • Premium for Enrollees who are new to Part B: $174.70**
  • Deductible: $240
  • Clinical Lab Services: $0
  • Approved doctor’s services: 20%
  • Durable Medical Equipment: 20%
  • Preventive Care: $0
  • Max Out of Pocket Costs: Unlimited

**If your annual income is large, you may pay a higher premium.

How to Lower Your Medicare Out of Pocket Costs

There are a few options to lower the above costs. If you do not have retiree, job-based, or other creditable insurance, you will want to consider enrolling in one of the following:

  • Medicare Advantage coverage: which maxes your out of pocket costs.
  • Medigap coverage: these plans can cover some or all of your Medicare out-of-pockets costs, and add an additional 365 days of hospitalization and foreign travel emergency

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