With the Louisiana Birthday rule, you can switch your Medigap plan up to 30 days before your birthday and 63 days after your birthday passes and you are guaranteed to be approved on your new plan. Louisiana is the latest state to adopt the birthday rule that allows for switching Medigap plans without going through Medical Underwriting.

What is Louisiana’s Medigap Birthday Rule?

The Louisiana birthday rule now allows those with Medigap plans to make changes to their Medicare Supplement plan each year regardless of their health as long as they switch coverage at the right time. Switches to the Medigap plan must be made 30 days before or up to 63 days after a policyholder’s birthday.

During the Louisiana Birthday Rule, you can switch from your current Medicare Supplement plan to another plan with equal or fewer benefits through the same insurance provider. So read this loud and clear (if that is even possible), you cannot use the Birthday rule in Louisiana to switch to a different insurance company. To switch companies you would most likely have to go through Medical underwriting. Note: new policies must go into effect within 90 days of your birthday to use the Louisiana Medigap Birthday Rule

This rule is primarily designed to allow those with Medigap Plan F to switch to Plan G with the same company. As you may know, Plan F is no longer available to those new to Medicare and many feel the price of F will continue to go up without new members added each year.

Bottom Line: The Louisiana birthday rule now allows you to downgrade Medigap plans even if you have pre-existing health conditions!

Next Steps for the Louisiana Birthday Rule?

If you want to downgrade your plan with the same insurance carrier, please give senior65.com a call at 800-930-7956. We can often help you switch right over the phone.