Medicare Advantage plans can really cost you $0 per month. Let us explain how this is possible.

Medicare Advantage $0 Monthly Cost

There are Medicare Advantage plans that have a $0 monthly premium. But you still have to pay your Medicare Part B premium ($174.70). Plans with a $0 premium may recoup those costs through higher deductibles, coinsurance, copays, and possibly less coverage. You want to weigh all costs before choosing a plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans are NOT Free

Though Medicare Advantage can have a $0 premium, they can, like we said above, charge you copays, coinsurance, and sometimes deductibles. Remember $0 premium doesn’t mean it’s a $0 plan.

How can an MA Plan be Less than Medicare?

Medicare Advantage plans trade Original Medicare’s nationwide network for a local, HMO type of network. By doing so, Medicare Advantage providers are able to keep costs down by negotiating with a small network of doctors and hospitals AND limit your out of pocket costs to as high as $8850, while Original Medicare does not put a limit on what you can spend year.

Medicare Advantage is not for anyone, but it is definitely a great option for some people. Check the 3 ways to know if MA is for you.

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