Anthem offers Silver Sneakers Fitness program to its Medicare Supplement (Medigap) enrollees. The Silver Sneakers program is a free to low cost gym membership for Medicare beneficiaries who are enrolled in Medicare Health plans. Please note: This list is subject to change. Please confirm with us that your plan still offers Silver Sneakers before applying.

Updated on 1/8/2018 to reflect new information

Which Anthem Medigap Plans Offer Silver Sneakers?

The following is the list of Anthem plans that offer Silver Sneaker benefits.

State Plans that offer Silver Sneakers
California Plans A, G, F, N & Innovative F
Colorado Plans A, F, and N
Connecticut Plans A, F, and N
Indiana Plans A, F, G, and N
Kentucky Plans A, F, N, Select F, and Select N
Maine Plans A, F, and N
Missouri Plans A, F, and N
New Hampshire Plans A, F, and N
Nevada Traditional A, F, N & Innovative F, G, N
Ohio Plans A, F, N, Select F, and Select N
Wisconsin Basic plan with or without optional riders

Note: Subject to change at anytime. Confirm before applying

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Next Steps

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